Your Guide to Classroom Activity Tables

Blossom Table from National School FurnitureSize. Color. Height. Shape. Material. With all of these different factors to take into account when purchasing your classroom activity tables it can be difficult to know which table is right for your students.

You’re in luck. We’ve put together this helpful guide to help you understand all of the different options that are available.

Height – There are two different options when it comes to the height of activity tables – adjustable height and fixed height. Adjustable height are prefect in daycares or preschool classrooms with students who vary in size or grow quickly. For the younger students you will probably want a table height of 17-25″. Most adjustable height tables adjust in 1″ increments. Fixed height tables are ideal for classrooms with students all of one age, typically of the same size.

Material – Different manufacturers make their activity tables of different materials. Typically, you will find activity tables made of particleboard, plastic or wood (birch). Particleboard tables feature a laminate finish, which makes cleaning up messes easier. These tables are ideal of arts and crafts and snack time. Plastic tables are typically waterproof, which makes another great option for early childhood classrooms with messy classroom activities. Last, are the wooden tables, often made of a birch plywood. These tables are much sturdier than the particleboard or plastic. These tables are perfect for older, bigger students.

Shape – You will find classroom activity tables in every shape and size, including rectangle, square, circle, trapezoid, clover, kidney and more! The rectangular or circular tables are the most versatile. They provide your students with an abundance of space for classroom activities. Kidney and horseshoe shaped tables allow each student their own workspace, separate from other students. These tables are a great option when you are trying to focus on each student individually. Clover shaped tables allow your students to sit closer to the table without having to reach for their supplies. These tables are perfect for even the youngest students.

With these helpful tips you should now be able to pick out the perfect classroom activity for your students. Take a peak at all of the tables that National School Furniture has to offer

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