Winter 2017 Catalog Preview

Our 2017 winter catalog is here! If you’ve never checked out any of our catalogs before, you’re missing out. Each quarter we release a free digital catalog highlighting some of our most unique and best-selling products. Each catalog also features crafts, printables, and an article. It’s completely free, so try checking it out by clicking HERE.

And every quarter, we write a blog post giving you a bit of a preview to the catalog. This new catalog is no exception.

Creative Play

Play is extremely important, especially play that requires imagination. This month we’re featuring some of our most unique creative play items. These items allow students to dress up, build, “cook”, and so much more. Our favorite item in this spread is the Bake & Decorate Cupcake Set. It allows students to “bake” and decorate their own pretend cupcakes. This set includes dry erase markers that can be used to decorate the cupcakes, and the cupcakes are easily cleaned for the next decorating adventure.


If you’re looking for something for students to do during indoor recess, games are always a big hit. We’ve picked out some of our favorite games we list on our website, sometimes fun, almost always educational. Our personal favorite is Drawing Conclusion Shipwrecked Blue. Students will practice drawing conclusions based on text while trying to survive on a deserted island! This game is so fun that students won’t even realize it’s a learning tool.

Art Supplies

You’re halfway through the school year, which likely means you may need to re-stock some of your art supplies. We have both the classics and the unique featured in this quarter’s catalog! Our featured item in this category is Artstraws. These small paper tubes are perfect for arts & crafts. These tiny straws can make all sorts of things including flowers, spaceships, and animals. It also comes with an idea book to help you and your students get started.

Office Supplies

Some office supplies are absolutely essential and some can simply make your life easier. Need a scheduling book? Organization materials? Page markers? We have it all and much more in this quarter’s catalog. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but we’re going with the Onyx Mesh Steel Monitor Stand. This not only helps reduce neck strain, but provides you with extra storage space with two side compartments and a sliding drawer.

Furniture & Equipment

Our last category in this catalog is our best-selling furniture items. These products are the most popular on our website, and for good reason! It is difficult to choose among a lit of best selling items, but we’re going to feature the All Terrain Playground Cart. It allows equipment to be moved across all sorts of terrains easily. Move balls, jump ropes, hoops, and more. Includes two heavy duty baskets for storing smaller items.

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