Using Everyday Packaging Materials In Your Classroom

As a teacher, educator or caregiver you are probably always looking for ways to save money. One creative and easy way to save money is by using everyday packaging materials in your classroom. From bubble wrap and loose filling to tape and small poly bags there are different uses for all kinds of packaging materials.

  • Bubble Wrap StarfishBubble Wrap – Everybody loves playing with bubble wrap and there are lots of different ways you can incorporate it into your classroom! You can include it on an activity table as a sensory play tool for your younger students. Another way you can incorporate bubble wrap is by using as an arts and craft tool. Visit the ‘No Time for Flash Cards‘ blog for a fun art project using bubble wrap – Bubble Wrap Starfish.
  • Poly Bags – Use both reclosable poly bags and open top poly bags to store small items. It can be quite a task to keep those small pieces, especially arts and crafts beads, wiggle eyes or poms in their proper place, neat and tidy. Lots of poly bags even have special holes in the top of the bags to store them on hooks in the classroom.
  • Boxes – Storage bins and containers can get quite pricey when you continuously add things to your ever-growing classroom or child care center. A great way to save money is by re-using or purchasing corrugated boxes to store toys and classroom resources. Corrugated boxes are sturdy and make a great alternative. Look for boxes with a 200-lb. test puncture resistance or 32 ECT (Edge Crush Test).
  • Mailing Tubes – Rather than purchase special portfolios or tubes to store bulletin board decorations consider purchasing mailing tubes. You can even find colored mailing tubes for even more organization!
  • Envelopes – Envelopes are needed in every business, including schools and classrooms. Not only can you use envelopes to send notes/letters home to parents, but you can use them for other things, as well. Similar to poly bags, you can use envelopes to store those small arts and crafts pieces.¬†Clean Green Packing PeanutsThey can be a great option for small, flat pieces like feathers, yarn or craft sticks. By purchasing mailing envelopes in bulk you can save lots of money.
  • Loose Filling/Packing Peanuts – If you’re looking for a new alternative to sand or water in a sensory table you are in luck here! Loose fill and packing peanuts are a fun new option to put in sensory tables for those little learners.
  • Colored Duct Tape – Duct tape comes in more that just the standard silver and can be a great tool for the classroom! You can use it for fun art projects, creating labels and organizing the classroom, making name tags and lots more. The opportunities are endless with duct tape!

By using these everyday packaging materials in your classroom, daycare or child center this year you’ll be able to save money for the essential classroom supplies and resources you need. To save even more with packaging materials we suggest you purchase your materials at the lowest price. BrownCor is one packaging supply company that sells all of these products at everyday low prices.

Are there any other ways you use packaging materials in your classroom? Share them with us in the comments section!

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