Thanksgiving Craft: Turkey Card

Thanksgiving is just over a week away! Are you still looking for a fun activity to do with your class? We here at have come up with a fun craft to get your students in the Thanksgiving spirit!

Often the meaning of Thanksgiving is forgotten amid the excitement of a big meal and family. It is important that students realize that Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what they are thankful for. To help with that we present this craft…a turkey card!

Students will make a fun card in the shape of a turkey for a family member, friend, or whoever they want! This can be used for them to express that they are thankful and grateful for this person. It is a fun way to remind students of what is important during the holiday season.


Brown Construction Paper
Orange Construction Paper
White Printer Paper
Wiggle Eyes

You can download a PDF with the full instructions, including pictures, HERE.

Watch this blog for more crafts, tips for teachers, and more! We hope all of you enjoy the Thanksgiving break. Don’t forget to take some time to count your blessings.

Until next time!

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