Teacher Summer Reading List

Summer is nearly here, or possibly already here for some of you. We all know that teachers don’t have the entire summer off, but you definitely have more time to relax than during the school year. A great way to balance your relaxing time with your work time is by reading, and there’s some great education books out there that will help you improve your teaching next year.

We’ve put together a teacher summer reading list with 10 of our favorite books that will improve your teaching in September.

Differentiation in Action

Judith Dodge is a leader in classroom instruction and has poured years of research into this book on differentiation. This book will not only help you create lessons that cater to a wide variety of learning styles, but will provide you with background knowledge about various student needs to make that possible. Easy to follow examples will make this a great summer read!

Brain Breaks for the Classroom

Research has shown that small bursts of activity and mental breaks can make students more productive. This is a fun, light read that is easy to pick up and put back down again – perfect for when you just have a small amount of time. This book includes 40 exercises that are designed to help students get more energized and productive.

Tapping the Potential of Parents

Students who have parents that are involved in their schooling have a higher rate of success. This book will provide you with concrete strategies that will help you build a relationship between your students’ families and the school. The book dives into strategies to help you interact with a diverse mix of families so you can have an open line of communication all year long.

It’s Not Complicated!

Renowned educator Phyllis Hunter provides guidance for educators about how to serve students of color and their literary needs in this amazing resource book. It is a quick read but packed full of information that will help you understand some of the issues facing students of color. If you teach reading this is a must-read!

Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Inclusive Classroom

1 in 68 children are now being diagnosed with autism, which means you need to be prepared to teach these students, and teach them well. This book has been written to help you understand your autistic students and to provide you with strategies to help them succeed. This second edition has been recently updated to include the most current research.

A Moving Child is a Learning Child

Learn all about how brain activity and movement are connected to learning. In this book you’ll discover the active learning needs of infants all the way up through the primary grades. This book is packed with information to help you support children’s development needs. Plus this book even includes activities you can use in the classroom!

Expect the Most Provide the Best

This author uses years of research and his own experience in urban schools to defend the idea that all teachers must set the highest expectations for students, regardless of their circumstances. He argues that all students achieve more when pushed to work harder. The author has been working in this field of study for decades and worked for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960s.

Powerful Partnerships: A Teacher’s Guide to Engaging Families for Student Success

Support student learning by using the strategies in this book to help you build a trusting relationship with families. It’s not only a book full of practical advice and tips, but a book that dives into the research behind the advice. If you’re looking to build authentic relationships with parents next year, we highly recommend picking up a copy of this book.

The Reading Zone

With over twenty years of experience in the classroom, you can be sure this author is onto something when she talks about her strategies for building lifelong readers. Her language is direct and her advice is simple, though not advice that most educators are currently following. It makes for a fast but important read.

Teaching Tips for Challenging Behaviors

Improve the successes of your most challenging students with the strategies found in this book geared towards younger grades. This book covers the basics and is perfect for new teachers looking for a fast read over the summer. Learn about a wide range of topics such as attention span, emotional development, record-keeping, and more.



Do you have any favorites you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to follow the links above to buy some new professional development books for yourself this summer!

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