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It’s National Novel Writing Month, so we’re celebrating by offering 12% off language arts supplies! Reading and writing skills are extremely important in the real world, so it is imperative that students get a solid education in language arts classes. With the rise of technology, more and more children are getting exposed to more social media content than literature. Take this opportunity to stock up on the language arts supplies you need to help your students be successful.

  1. Filling Out Forms

We’re going to start off with a product that applies directly to real world application. Students will improve their reading, writing, and spelling skills as they practice working with forms they are likely to encounter in their lives. Examples of activities in this book include: job applications, school admittance form, and driver’s license.


  1. Alphabet Soup Sorters

This is a fun, memorable way to help young students learn their ABCs. Each letter can holds an upper and lower case letter, as well as photos with words on the back that match with each corresponding letter. Also a great tool for working on vocabulary. This is a great resource for use in PreK and kindergarten classrooms.



  1. Writer’s Block Set Of 5

When giving your students writing tasks, they may complain that they simply don’t know what to write about. Instead of looking up tons of prompts, use these writing blocks! Five different cubes give tons of inspiration for students! Categories include picking a time, format, prop, and much more. Foam cubes are durable and easy to pass around the classroom.


  1. Comprehension Blast Off

This engaging game will entertain and teach at the same time. Four decks of cards ask questions that cover language arts concepts such as main idea, context clues, grammar, and more. The student to answer the most questions first is the winner! Great for station work or indoor recess. This game makes reading comprehension fun.


  1. How To Write An Essay

This complete step-by-step guide to writing an essay is a huge help for both teachers and students. Aimed at grades seven through twelve, this book will teach a basic formula approach to essay writing. As students get older the amount of essays they will have to write will only increase, so make sure that they are prepared!


  1. Specific Reading Skills – Making Inferences

This lesson book comes with short stories, comprehension questions, and research activities designed to help students excel at inference comprehension. These stories lack some facts that will force students to fill in the blanks themselves, and each story has questions that will force students to recall information that was never directly given.


  1. Language Arts Activity Cards Story Starters

This set comes with 50 double sided cards with a variety of writing prompts, both for fiction and non-fiction. On one side that is an image to provoke inspiration, while the other side of the card holds a starter and interest words. This is a great way to give students ideas for writing time in the classroom.


  1. Nouns Verbs & Adjectives Learning Cards Set

Photographic learning cards are great for students in younger grades, ESL classes, special needs classrooms, and more. Set comes with 275 full color cards. Use these to build literacy, increase vocabulary, develop language skills, and much more. Students will learn about nouns, verbs, and adjectives in this particular set.


  1. SPAG Pop-Up

This tiny directory packs a lot of information into the double sided cards. On these cards you will find spelling rules and grammar rules, along with visual analogies to make it easier for students to understand the information. A great teaching tool and resource for students to use when they need a bit of help.


  1. 3D Story Starters

If you’re looking for a new way to inspire student writing, this product is for you. This set comes with four different story mats and thirty 3D props that can be used across the mats to inspire storytelling. Use these to prompt writing activities or simply to get creative juices flowing in younger students. Also great for indoor recess!


We have plenty more of language arts materials where those came from. Head to our website to find grade appropriate materials for your classroom. Don’t forget to use the code SALE12 through 11/11/17 for 12% off!

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