Product Review: Got It! Student Response System

Student response systems are all the rave in classrooms that encourage student interaction. Before investing your budget in student response systems it is important to do your homework and get the biggest bang for your buck. To help make your choice easier we’ve put together a review of the newest student response system on National School FurnitureGot It! Student Response Systems.

Product Description: The Got It! Interactive Wireless Student Response System is the most comprehensive education technology for the classroom environment. Bring an interactive environment right into your school or class. Got It! is designed to take advantage of the teacher’s existing lesson plans and maximize interactive learning opportunities for students, creating a more stimulating environment that actually encourages students to participate. Easy to use, convenient and cost effective, Got It! makes learning fun!

The computer presents a series of interactive lessons. Each student is provided with a simple infared remote control. Pressing a key on the remote enables the computer to identify which student pressed the key and which key was pressed. The result is a fully interactive learning environment that encourages individual student participation, while makit it easy for the teacher to instantly evaluate each student’s unique progress.

Product Manufacturer: Califone

National School Furniture Price: Starting at $938.58 (Retail: $1350.00)

Pros: Got It! grades objective tests, tallies class averages and saves all records, which facilitates the teacher’s in-class learning performance and provides progress reports for parents. Because only one computer is needed, Got It! Student Response System dramatically reduces hardware costs, as well as the need for costly network administration.

Cons: Got It! Student Response Systems are only compatible with the Windows OS.

Best Uses: Student response systems are great for not only encouraging interaction with students in the classroom, but they provide instant student feedback. Use this unique response system for both pre-planned classroom activity questions and activities, as well as spontaneous questions and activities.

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