Product Review: GeoSafari Talking Telescope

Product Review: GeoSafari Talking Telescope

Product Description: The Talking Telescope will have kids enjoying subjects from animals to outer space. Students will view 12 animals from koalas to komodo dragons and 8 space age phonomena from Saturn to the international space station. They will not only view the animals, but hear fun facts that can be tested through quiz games. Detachable telescope also encourages students to explore on their own. The GeoSafari Talking Telescope features imagery from NASA and National Geographic, built-in storage for all 20 slides, detachable telescope (3X magnification), auto shut-off, facts or quiz game mode which have 200 fun facts and questions with realistic sound effects.

Price: $28.99 (Retail: $49.99)

Pros: The GeoSafari Telescope not only comes with slides and over 200 educational fun facts and questions but is detachable to allow kids to explore anywhere. Kids will be fascinated by the things they can discover while using this telescope.

Cons: Slides are very educational, but can get boring for older kids who may already know the information. Older kids will probably only want to go through them once or twice.

Best Uses: Ideal for kids ages 4 through 10. Detachable microscope makes the Geosafari Talking Telescope great for any home, daycare or school where kids are interested in exploring and discovering new things. Great for younger kids who are first learning the information.

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