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11949506_983975181622902_5925303759997587608_nHave you had time to take a look at our fall catalog yet? We create these quarterly digital catalogs to feature some of our best products and make it easier than ever for you to shop with us. We put out a catalog every fall, winter, spring, and summer. Each catalog features products that are relevant to either the season or the theme we come up with.

While the products we feature make up the majority of the catalog, there are other incentives to checking it out! In each issue we publish one article with helpful ideas and tips for teachers. When you read our catalog you will find articles such as tips for organizing your desk, creative class ideas, and more! In every issue you will find free printables to use with your class, as well as crafts you can create with your students. There’s tons of stuff to find in each issue. With that in mind, this week we’re going to give you a sample of the catalog by showing the type of categories and items we feature.


The first category we chose to feature in this issue of our quarterly catalog was music. Music is an important subject, whether you are teaching it at an elementary school level as a learning tool, or you are instructing high school students in a professional music group. We have a wide variety of music products for any occasion! You can browse books, instruments, and more. One of the items in our catalog in this section is our band in a box. Build your band with this great set! Includes 10 musical pieces – tambourine, 2 cymbals, triangle & bar, clapper, 2 maracas, & 2 wooden sticks. It all comes packed in a sturdy wooden storage crate.


Science is a highly important subject that leads to mler2145_lany advances in this country, making it an important subject to study in school. That is why we offer high quality science supplies, both for serious study and to get the youngest students interested! Browse test tubes and models as well as experiment kits and books. A great example of an item from this category is our weather tracker. Weather affects everyone, everyday! Introduce isobars, jet streams, wind chills, and more with this super-sized 44″W x 28″H weather map of the U.S. and Canada. Chart temperatures and cities using bar and line graphs. Teacher’s guide with weather terms, activities, vinyl cling weather symbols and student recording charts included.

Special Education:ke-845035_l

Teaching students with special needs is a unique challenge. For this reason, we carry special education items that can inform teachers and help students. Whether you personally need more education on the topic or you’re just looking for more effective teaching tools for special needs students, we’ve got you covered. One of our favorite items in this category is our photo conversation cards. This set comes with 90 full-color photo cards with social stories and practical ideas for helping children develop social and communication skills. Each card presents a social story to help children with asperser’s and autism learn the socially acceptable ways to interact with people. These cards are designed to make communication easier for children with special needs.

Creative Play:ale13_l

We firmly believe that it’s important to have both quality educational items as well as quality toy items. Our creative play supplies force young students to use their imagination. Play is an important part of development, and with the right toys, children can learn and grow. In our creative play section you will find items such as blocks, play money, play food, and much more! Our toys let children become chefs, build magnificent towers, and “work” as farmers. The item we really love is this wooden cook top. Stir up some fun in the kitchen with this quality hardwood play cook top that’s perfect for little chefs on the go. Designed for ages 3 and up, this cook top will offer children hours of make believe cooking fun!

Early Childhood: inpp8070_l

Of course we couldn’t forget about the youngest learners! You can use our early childhood items to get children learning from a young age. Our selection of toys are great for teaching words, sorting, and much more. One of our favorite toys that children can play with from this category is the honey bee tree. Don’t wake the bees, or the bees tumble out to your tray. Fun and entertaining for 2-4 players, ages 3+.


So what are you waiting for? You can check out the full catalog HERE. And keep an eye out in December for our annual winter quarterly catalog!

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