Keep Germs Out of the Classroom

Did you know that a teacher or daycare worker is the number one germiest profession in America? According to the Top 10 Germiest Jobs list, published by a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, it is! In an effort to assist in keeping germs out of the classroom this flu season we are now offering 25% off all portable classroom sinks and accessories.

At National School Furniture we believe it is important to protect both yourself and your students against germs, in and out of the classroom. To help you keep those little (and big) hands clean this school year they are offering their entire selection of Angeles Portable Classroom Sinks 25% off our already low prices.

Portable sinks are an award-winning solution to local and state hand washing requirements for licensing, without the cost of new plumbing or installation. Portable hot and cold sinks are great for any classroom or daycare setting with kids of all ages. No plumbing is required, simply add water, plug in and turn on for immediate hand washing in the classroom. Easy classroom hand washing will provide better classroom health and student hygiene. Pump and heater systems allow for both hot and cold running water. Scald-guard heat sensors means that the water will not exceed 125 degrees F.

No matter the age of the students in your classroom, we have the right sink for you. Save on toddler portable sinks, portable changing tables with sinks, portable sinks with cabinets, and standard classroom sinks. Plus, all portable sink accessories are also discounted. You can view the entire selection of sinks and accessories on the National School Furniture Website.

Keep everyone healthy and germ-free this year with the perfect portable classroom sink from National School Furniture.

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