June Craft: Father’s Day Pencil Holder

If you’re looking for a simple but very cute Father’s Day craft to do at school or with your children, we have the perfect craft for you. What we really love about this craft is that it is usable. Dads can take it to work or use it at home.

It requires very few supplies and not a lot of time, making it a great last-minute gift for Dad. As this does require an aluminum can, make sure kids are careful not to cut themselves while working on this. Keep a close eye on their fingers.

Here’s what you need.





Aluminum Can
Construction Paper

You can find our printable instruction sheet by clicking HERE.

This simple craft allows a lot of room for customization. Kids can use their dad’s favorite colors for the shirt and tie, and even the buttons.

That’s it for this month. Check back in July for a great summer project you can do!

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