July Craft: Handprint Sunflower

It’s the middle of summer. Are your kids getting a bit bored? Do you need a rainy day activity beyond video games and movies? Well look no further, because we’ve put together this fun summer craft that will fill a couple of hours!

This sunflower craft uses handprints as the main component, making each flower as unique as your child. The bright, yellow flower makes everyone think of summer, making it the perfect activity for the middle of July. You know what’s even better? This craft requires very few materials and you probably already have them lyinSunflower7g around your house!


Paper Plate
Black, Yellow, and Green Construction Paper

You can find a list of step-by-step instructions, pictures included, by clicking HERE.


This large sunflower craft really pops in a room, against a window, or placed in a vase (minus the water of course). Have your kids make more than one to create a beautiful flower display that will last all summer!

We have another great summer craft coming your way next month, so make sure you check back every week. You can also check out our Summer Science Series for great ways to keep your kid’s minds active all summer long.


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