Giant Memorial Day Pinwheel

Memorial Day is fast approaching, and so is the end of the school year. With so much to wrap up at the end of the year, planning complicated Memorial Day activities is likely not at the front of your mind. That’s why we’ve put together this simple Memorial Day craft that you can do with your students before the long weekend.

Here’s what you’ll need.


2 Pieces of Construction Paper (1 Blue, 1 Red)
Pencil (with eraser)
Push Pin

You can find the full list of instructions by clicking HERE.

The pinwheel will spin better if you don’t push the pin all the way into the eraser. Instead, leave a bit of space between the paper and the eraser, which allows the pinwheel to spin in the breeze.

We’ll be posting crafts throughout the summer too, so make sure you check back often for fun summer activities to do in summer school, with your children, or to save for next school year!

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