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You’ve spent all this time stocking up on items for your classrooms for your students. But have you spent any time getting supplies for your break room? Now is the perfect time to do that, because we’re holding a great sale on our break room and maintenance supplies!

Today we’re going to feature our top five products that can greatly improve your break room.

  1. Vertical Condiment Organizer100961

Keeping coffee and tea condiments organized is extremely important. Having stacks of lids and piles of sugar packets lying around is messy and can quickly get out of control. This large condiment organizer makes it easy to keep track of items in your break room. It comes with identifier decal strips, though you always have the option of making your own labels. This organizer features three shelves with nine compartments, as well as six removable dividers. Keep those coffee condiments in one place to avoid both the mess and the confusion.

  1. Cup Holder100969

So you have a condiment organizer. What about something to keep cups organized? Well that’s what this cup holder is for. The commercial-grade construction will not crack, fade, or chip, meaning it can easily endure everyday use. You can use it to stack multiple types of cups and lids. The columns are 12” high and will hold cups from 8 oz to 32 oz. It is designed with nonskid tabs on the base to stop it from moving around the counter. Again, keeping stacks of cups sitting around the counter can get messy. Place this near your condiment organizer to keep everything in one convenient place.

  1. Three-Burner Institutional Coffee Maker111304

What would be the point of a break room without a coffee maker? There’s space for three decanters (sold separately), which is perfect for a school filled with teachers. This coffee maker has three independent warmers, so you can make your three pots and keep them warm for hours. This coffee maker is also designed for high energy efficiency. It’s simple to use and teachers can re-make coffee throughout the day as it is needed.  Place this near your cup holder and condiment organizer, and suddenly your counter is cleanly organized.

  1. Hot and Cold Water Dispenser124582

Let’s move away from the caffeine side of things and focus on another notable feature of most break rooms…water dispensers. This water dispenser provides school staff members with both hot and cold water. The faucets have LED light indicators for ease of use. This dispenser can hold either a 3 or 5 gallon water bottle. It is lightweight but durable, so it will stand up to continuous use. The leveling leg and drip tray are both detachable. This small water dispenser fits easily into cramped school break rooms or even reception spaces.

  1. Tea Rack152378

Tea is becoming more and more popular. If you want to offer more than coffee in the break room, a tea rack is the perfect way to do that. Tea racks easily fit boxes of tea bags that employees can take at their leisure. This compact, simple design makes it easy to keep tea organized. It comes with three boxes each of Aged Earl Grey, Breakfast Blend, Chamomile Lemon, Gunpowder Green, Jasmine Green, Morocan Mint, Rooibos Chai, and White Orange Spice. Refills are sold separately, or you can simply add different flavors and brands as you see fit!

Those are our top five break room recommendations. You can get these and all maintenance and break room supplies for 10% off, this week only! Use the code SALE10 to get this deal through 10/1/16. Make your break room experience easier and more enjoyable by investing in the right products.

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