Five Books Every Teacher Needs to Read This Summer

The school year is about a month away, meaning you still have some time to relax and unwind before you have to get back to work. While you’re enjoying that relaxing time though, you should consider replacing some of those novels with books about teaching to help you out for next year. This week we are going to feature the top five books every teacher should read this summer.

  1. Interventions For Struggling Learners

elp402618_lNo matter where you teach or what grade it is, you are likely to run into at-risk students. When dealing with this population it is important you implement certain strategies to keep these students on the right track. These strategies are manageable for any educator. Use this great resource now so you can know how to help students who are struggling later. It comes with a CD and 32 reproducibles to make your job even easier, should you need to use the strategies in this book. While the book is technically aimed at grades K through 4, the strategies can easily be adapted for older students.

  1. The First Days of School

hwpfdsw_lThis popular teaching resource has sold over 3.5 million copies. While you can’t learn to be an effective teacher only from a book, this book is one of the best to help you along that path. It walks all sorts of teachers, whether this is your first year or your 50th, through effective ways to start off a school year. These effective habits not only will start the year off right, but push you to be an effective teacher. The lessons in this book can be applied to any age group. Not only is it practical, but it will inspire you to be a better teacher. Every teacher should give this book a read!

  1. Teaching Tips for Challenging Behaviors

ke-804096_lSometimes, even when using effective strategies, you have students that are going to act out. This happens across every classroom across every country, so you’re not alone. Sometimes these behaviors are due to special needs, and sometimes they are not. That is why this book is perfect…it covers both! This book will help teach you to manager, monitor, and document these bad behaviors. Some examples of topics this book covers are students with: bullying tendencies, physical disabilities, speech issues, poor attention spans, shyness, aggression, and much more! This book is a great tool to help you manage bad behavior. This book is aimed at younger students and for newer teachers.

  1. Brain Tips

lep901096le_lStress can easily overwhelm any teacher, but no matter how busy you are during the school year this book will offer up easy solutions. The methods are simple but sophisticated, and the brain-friendly methods can be applied in the classroom or used simply to make facing another class day a bit more bearable. This book really digs into the brain in many different ways and is a must-read for any teacher. The author has written over 30 books for teachers, so you can be sure you can count on her for great teaching advice!

  1. The More Ways You Teach The More Students You Reach

elp454893_lDifferentiated instruction really brings out the best in your students. No matter the student, it is your job as a teacher to make them reach their full potential. The authors of this book have pulled from many years of experience presenting at conferences to give you 86 strategies for making your classroom the best it can be. This book is helpful for all types of students, including students with special needs. This book is filled with a wide variety of practical ideas that will help you fully reach your students like never before.


Looking for more books to help you out? Check out our teacher resource section. Happy Summer!

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