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Have you had a chance to check out our summer digital catalog yet? It’s a great way to check out some new products that would make great additions to your classroom for the next school year. Not only will you find great products, but some great articles that will help you out as well.

Today we want to highlight the categories in our newest edition of the National School Supply quarterly catalog, as well as show off our favorite item in each category.

cd-158003_lOur first category is teacher aids. Our teacher aids are small, economic items that make a big difference in the classroom. Investing in teacher aids can significantly cut down on the amount of prep time you need, whether this is at the start or end of the school year. Examples include stamp kits, timers, pointers, and more. Our featured item from this category is the Complete Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart. It includes not only clear pockets, but over 200 cards featuring the months, holidays, questions of the day, seasons, and the weather.


The second category in this catalog is organization. With a new school year coming up, now is the perfect time to invest in some new supplies to keep you organized for the next school year. This includes all types of items such as items for your desk, shelf organizers, file organizers, and much more. Keeping organized will make you more efficient and make your job less frustrating overall. Our favorite organizational item is the Onyz Mesh Corner Organizer (15 x 11 x 13, black). This organizer fits easily into a corner and is capable of holding multiple items at once. It can store upright binders and folds while also holding general office supplies such as tape, calculators, and sticky notes. This small, sleek organizer takes up little space but holds a lot of supplies!

masbs60_lIt’s summer so a lot of you teachers and your students are likely spending a lot of time outside. It only makes sense, then, that we would feature physical education products in our summer catalog! We carry books to give you ideas, basics you need for large sports such as cones and bases, and smaller individual game sets for your younger students. Keeping active is extremely important for a healthy lifestyle, and the sooner your students understand that the better. Our featured item in this category is the Throw-Down Home Plate & 3 Bases. The set of four bases is made of rubber, making them ideal for your gym, playground, and more. The bright orange color makes them easy to spot from a distance. They can be easily transported and are great for a large number of sports including kickball and baseball.

A new school year is less than two months away, which is why posters are featured inCatalog pic our catalog this time. There are many different types of posters that can be used to get different results. You may choose academic posters with text covering basic equations or writing rules. Informational posters tend to have a lot of material on them for students to study while in your room. And of course, there’s always inspirational posters meant to teach lessons and inspire. Personally, we really like the Literary Elements Teaching Poster Set. It’s a great tool that can help your students with their reading and their writing. The four posters cover point of view, irony, flashback, foreshadowing, and conflict. The set includes reproducible activity sheets and a teacher’s guide.

t-10958_lThe last category in this catalog is decorations. Since you’ll soon be decorating for the fall months, our featured decorations cover a range of fall holidays as well as general seasonal decorations. You’ll find not only charts and borders, but stickers, pencils, and more in this section. While all of our decorations add something to the classroom, our favorite is the Classic Accents Maples Leaves Mini Variety Pack. They’re a great piece that can be used throughout September, October, and November. You can use them on calendars, bulletin board, cubbies, walls…the possibilities are endless!


Now that you’ve gotten a preview, click this link to view our 2016 summer catalog in its entirety. We’re sure you’ll find something perfect for your classroom.

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