Fall 2017 Catalog Preview

Have you taken a look at our new Fall 2017 catalog yet? We publish four digital catalogs a year, highlighting some of our highest selling and most unique products. This way you have the opportunity to find products you may otherwise not have seen. We post a blog featuring the different categories every time we put out a new catalog. Our catalog is completely free so take a look at it to find some amazing new products! You can find the full catalog HERE.

Boards & Accessories

You are always going to need boards & accessories for your classroom. We’ve featured a wide variety of these items in this fall’s issue. Celebrate holidays, assign jobs, teach concepts, and more with these great items. Our featured item from this category is the Dress For The Weather Bulletin Board Set. This interactive set helps teach students about the different seasons and the weather. This makes for a great morning activity and comes with plenty of pieces so each day is different!



Charts serve so many purposes. They may be used to inspire students, to track behavior, to reinforce lessons, to provide interactive experiences in the classroom, and much more. We’ve tried to encompass as many of these purposes into this section of our catalog. One of our favorite charts is the Eating Healthy Portions Charlet. This chart gives students a simple visual to help them learn about eating correct portion sizes by comparing common food items to everyday objects.


Teacher Aids

Running a classroom is tough, and you deserve a little help. Teacher aids can make all the difference over the course of the school year. These everyday products make your classroom run more smoothly, whether you use these items for instruction or organization. One of the most helpful teacher aids we offer (in our opinion) is this Weekly Organizer. This product allows you to keep materials for each day of the week all in one place. A little extra work before each week can lead to a more organized classroom.


Teacher Resources

Need reproducibles or advice books? What about lesson ideas or activity sets? Our teacher resources will help you out in the classroom and outside of it. Whether you need general classroom help or something for a specific subject, we’ve got you covered. One of our favorite unique resources? Interactive 3-D Maps: American History. This is a great way to make your American history lessons even more memorable. Students will love these maps!  


Furniture & Equipment

Every quarter we feature our best-selling furniture products for you to browse. Our featured product this time is the Fold and Roll Storage Cabinet. This cabinet is perfect for storing items and saving space in your classroom. Once the cabinet is closed it can be locked and moved into a corner. You can even use it as a table! Space in a classroom is hard to come by, so use this to get a little more of it.

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