Earth Day Craft: Recycled Wind Catcher

Earth Day is exactly a week away. Earth Day is a day to celebrate and support the environment, and has been celebrated since the year 1970.

At this time in history, many Americans were not aware of the many environmental concerns throughout their country and the world. The first Earth Day is what led to the existence of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. It is also what eventually led to the passing of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts. Today, our planet is in the midst of climate change. There are multitudes of environmental issues facing us now; deforestation, CO2 emissions, pollution, endangered species, and so much more.

Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to teach students about the environment. One fun way to do that is with a craft. This Recycled Wind Catcher is made almost entirely of recycled materials. This gives you a great way to explain recycling and the environment to your students. We have to live on this planet, so we are responsible for it.

Here’s what you need for this craft.CottonBalls8


Styrofoam cup
Craft Stick
Cotton Balls
Construction Paper

You can find the instructions, complete with pictures, HERE.

Not only does this craft use recycled materials, but it catches the wind, giving the craft itself a connection to nature and our environment.

We hope you and your students love this craft. Check back next month for another craft you can do with your students.

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