Category Spotlight: Science Supplies

There are tons of categories on Where do you even start? Today we’d like to feature a category that requires a lot of supplies…science. Science is an extremely broad category that encompasses many different topics, and many of these topics require a lot of materials.

Since there are so many topics within science, we’ve broken it down into some of our top sub-categories for you.


Astronomy is an interesting topic, as it is one of the sciences that cannot be taught with physical examples. The closest we can get is to show videos and pictures of outer space. With most types of sciences you can run experiments or view the topic. This is why to really get your point across you need not only books, but models and telescopes. These instruments are incredibly important for teaching students about stars, planets, and the solar system.

aep7347_lLab Equipment:

A lab requires equipment so experiments and research can be performed, which is why we have a wide selection of supplies in this sub-category. You will find both supplies for older students and lab equipment for younger students who are just starting to do experiments. These supplies are sure to make not only your lab, but your students, shine. These items are sure to get students interested in science from a young age.

r-5911_lHuman Anatomy:

Human anatomy is one of those subjects where having a visual can really make all the difference. Trying to explain muscles, organs, and the body’s functions is all well and good, but having some sort of model or other type of visual makes a big difference. Invest in books to help you teach, models to give a visual experience, or large posters that label everything neatly for your students. We have it all!



Weather is all around us and has an effect on us all. Whether your students are interested in pursuing meteorology or not, science is a topic that everyone should understand, for basic safety if nothing else. Is your classroom going to focus on the basics such as temperature and rainfall? We have thermometers and rain gauges! Want to try something a bit more advanced like weather prediction and cloud formation? Great, because we carry weather trackers and experiment materials!

cd-5929_lEarth Science:

Earth science is one of the most common topics in school. Students in an Earth Science class will learn about the structure of the Earth, rocks, the water cycle, and much more. This is a category that can be covered fairly well with lectures, but why not go above and beyond? Invest in posters. Bring in rocks and minerals to show off in class. Try out an activity set in your classroom to be more hands on! There’s tons of possibilities!

That’s only a sampling of our many sub-categories! We have hundreds of products that are sure to be a big help in your classroom. What’s even better is if you shop next week, you can save on these products. Starting July 31st and ending August 6th, 2016, all science classroom supplies are 10% off with the code SALE10!

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