Back to School Supply Guide

For some of you school has already started, but some of you still have time to prepare your classrooms! Either way, most of you will spend some of your own money to buy supplies for your classroom. Whether you’ve already started and find yourself without the items you need, or you want to make sure not to miss anything before school starts, we’re here to help. We’ve got some great tips about how to prepare and what items you’ll need most in your classroom.

The first thing you have to be sure to do is take stock of the supplies you already have, and assess that against the budget you have been allocated for additional supplies. Moving forward, you can observe the needs of your classroom and decide how much of your own money you may need to spend on classroom supplies. Below you will find some of the most common areas that teachers spend a bit extra on.

Something many teachers spend a bit extra on happens to becd-144176_l decorations for their classrooms. This includes items for bulletin boards, posters for walls, calendars, and much more! Decorating a classroom can either be very expensive or very cheap. One great way to decorate a classroom is to hang up student craft projects. It can fill the gaps where you don’t have decorations to fill the walls. We offer a great selection of classroom decorations, which you can find by going here.

108459Another item many teachers need to provide for themselves is office supplies. You will need items such as pens, pencils, paper clips, highlighters, and much more. Besides the basics, there are many items that aren’t essential, but extremely useful. Desk organizers, files, and other such items will make your job much easier. We have thousands of office supplies to help you out, from the most basic to the most extravagant. bin523348_lCheck them out here.

Many teachers shell out extra money for arts and crafts supplies so their students can express their creativity. There’s so many art supplies available that it can be overwhelming. Cut back on costs by adding many basic art and craft supplies to your student’s school supply list. It is perfectly reasonable to ask parents to provide their children with items such as glue, scissors, crayons, and markers. However, as the teacher your really should supply other items such as construction paper, craft sticks, etc. To cut down on costs, try recycling items for craft projects. Buying a pack of paper plates is much cheaper than buying clay. Plus there’s tons of crafts out there that use recycled items. If you are looking for art supplies though, we have plenty right here.

Something else to take into consideration is having extra supplies on hand for students who don’t have any. While ideally most students bring their supplies every day, many will forget and some won’t be able to afford to. Having extra pencils, notebooks, etc is important. Besides these basic supplies, each classroom has different needs. You may need to purchase books for the class. Maybe you need science equipment. The costs can really add up, particularly with specific subjects. You have to take that into consideration. If there are items your lesson plans require, those take precedence.

We hope this post has helped you out when it comes to the back to school shopping season. With a bit of planning and some thrifty ideas, you can reduce the stress associated with back to school shopping.

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