August Craft: Paper Plate Oyster With Pearl

Looking for a simple activity for a rainy summer day that still has a seasonal spin? Our August craft is easy, fun, and uses materials you probably already have at home.

What child doesn’t love stories about finding pearls in oysters? You can use this craft as an opportunity to teach a little bit more about this phenomenon. Pearls are formed by oysters to protect themselves from foreign substances. Not all pearls are perfectly round, and though rare, not all of them come from oysters. Pearls can be found naturally, but now that pearls are popular there are “pearl farms”, where workers attempt to make pearls grow more often.

Here’s how to make your own oyster and pearl at home!


Paper Plate
Pink Construction Paper
Grey Marker
White Pom Pom

You can find the full list of instructions by clicking HERE.

We bring you a new craft every month! Check back in early September for a back to school craft that kids will love!

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