August craft 2016: Paper Plate Aquarium

Summer is coming to an end, but unfortunately that means kids may be getting pretty bored after months away from school. Luckily we have a fun summer craft for you that will entertain kids for hours! This Paper Plate Aquarium will give your kids a taste of the beach right at home!

What’s fun about this craft is it allows kids to customize it any way they want. They can draw tons of fish to put inside, or maybe they’ll choose to make a lot of coral. If they don’t want to draw everything, snag some ocean stickers! Creatures can be decorated any way your child wants. Let them have fun with it! You probably already have all the materials you need at home.


Two Paper Plates
Construction Paper
Wiggle Eyes

We’ve made instructions for you, complete with pictures. Click HERE for the high res version, or HERE for a lower res version that works better with older computers.

Take some time to enjoy the end of summer as a family by having everyone make one of these fun aquariums. Share your pictures with us! And make sure to get out there and enjoy the rest of summer before that cool, fall air rolls in.

Check back next month for a craft that is perfect for the back-to-school season!

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