April Craft: Cherry Blossom Branch

It may not feel like it across the country (we’re looking at you, Midwest), but spring is officially here. Whether you’re enjoying warm sunshine or two feet of snow, everyone could use a dose of spring with a fun craft for the classroom.

The cherry blossom has grabbed the attention of people across the world for its beauty. Known for their blooming in Japan, the cherry blossom is a beautiful flower associated with the fleetingness of life. They are deeply symbolic in Japan and can make for an excellent lesson in your class or with your children.

This craft is also incredibly simple and requires very few materials.


Tree Branch
Tissue Paper (2 shades of pink)

You can find the full list of instructions along with photos HERE.

We really love the idea of taking each branch and creating a billboard in your classroom or in a school hallway.

The fascination with the cherry blossom is one that has spread across the entire world. This cherry blossom branch craft is a great way to ring in spring and give a quick lesson on Japanese culture.

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