5 Websites for Teachers

There are hundreds of websites out there with resources for teachers so how do you know which ones to use? We’ve scowered the web and discovered 5 great websites that any teacher would be lucky to come across. Take a few minutes today to check them out and discover the tons of great resources they have to offer.

  1. Teacher Planet® – Teacher Planet® is designed to save teachers time and money. When you enter their homepage there is a handy Resource Calendar with all of the monthly holidays, such as the 100th School Day, President’s Day, Girl Scout Day, World Poetry Day, Dr. Seuss’ Birthday and tons more every month! Then you’ll come across hundreds more resources to help you in the classroom. You can find lesson plans, worksheets, rubrics, theme units, certificates, teacher tools like flashcards and calendars, grant opportunities and ESL resources!
  2. The Teacher’s Corner – The Teacher’s Corner website is geared primarily toward elementary and intermediate school teachers. The site provides an array of resources for teachers in all subjects. You can find great bulletin board ideas, theme units, great seasonal classroom activities and ideas, collaboration projects, experiments of the week and message boards to chat with other teachers and educators.
  3. Planet Pals – Planet Pals is your number one resource if you’re a teacher looking to go green in the classroom! Planet Pals has everything you need to learn about going green in your classroom. They have resources for teachers that include games, Earth Day pages, tons of unique craft activities, games, activities and learning resources.
  4. PBS Teachers – PBS Teachers is a popular website for all teachers from preK through high school. PBS provides teachers with strategies and resources to create a rich and engaging learning experience in the classroom. Visiting their site you’ll find teacher news, a Media Infusion blog, a webinar archive with great strategies and tips, teacher discussions and a huge selection of resources separated by grade level and subject matter.
  5. PreKinders – PreKinders is a fabulous resources if you’re a teacher of daycare or PreK students. When you visit PreKinders you’ll find activity ideas and printables that you can use in the classroom with the little ones. Activites are seperated by theme, subject, literacy, assessment, technology, motor skills and more. You can also visit their archive of activities for even more ideas and resources.

We’d love to hear about all of the other great websites you like to use as a resources for your classroom. We welcome you to share them with us in the ‘Comments’ section below!

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