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March Craft: Egg Carton Chick

Easter is less than a week away! If you’re looking for a quick, simple craft to do in class or at home, you’re in luck. This easy Easter project takes very little time and will give you a use for … Continue reading

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Building Your Classroom Library

Your classroom library is an extremely important part of your room. It is a comfortable place where students can browse books and read, but that’s only the beginning. A classroom library has reference materials based on the lessons being taught … Continue reading

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Take Your Classroom Out

Spring is nearly here, and we bet both you and your students are eager to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. What we want to know is…why don’t you? There are plenty of benefits to moving your classroom outside, … Continue reading

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How To Develop Growth Mindset

You may have heard about the term “Growth Mindset” lately. Research backs the theory that believing your brain can learn and change actually makes it possible for this to happen. There is a lot of excitement in the field of … Continue reading

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Top 5 Tips To Stop Procrastinating

Everyone struggles with procrastination, and that is especially true for teachers. With so many tasks that need to be tackled it is easy to put off the ones you deem unpleasant, especially during a busy time of year. By allowing … Continue reading

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