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Introducing Flexible Seating

Keeping students engaged is extremely important, and the way your seating is arranged can have a huge impact on that. Flexible seating has really taken off. If you’re skeptical of flexible seating or are thinking about trying it out, we’re … Continue reading

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Encourage Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness and charity work don’t only encourage kindness, generosity, and responsibility. It can help build social skills, expand on students’ interests, and get them involved in the community. Through doing these acts students will learn about different … Continue reading

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July Craft: Summer Bucket List Garland

There’s still another month of summer left, but summer goes fast! Why not use a rainy day to make a craft that lists your child’s top priorities for the rest of the summer? This craft is extremely simple, requires very … Continue reading

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Keep Kids Thinking This Summer

We’re right in the middle of summer, and there’s a good chance your kids have been swimming, riding their bikes, and spending very little time on educational pursuits compared to the school year. There’s of course fun things you can … Continue reading

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This Year Teach Students About Empathy

The school year is coming up fast. While you’re likely to be planning your classroom setup and lesson plans, don’t forget about the other things you want to bring into your classroom this year. Hate speech has been on the … Continue reading

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