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Why Play is So Important

There’s a lot of talk before and during summer about how students need to keep reading and experiencing educational activities. We certainly agree that this is important, but something equally important for children is play. Play helps children grow, develop, … Continue reading

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Keep Student Athletes Training This Summer

Summer is here, and while many students will be spending their time relaxing, student athletes will still be training to get ready for the next school year. You may hold training practices during the summer, or you may simply send out … Continue reading

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Summer School Strategies

If you’re teaching summer school, it can be overwhelming. You may believe that all of your students are troublemakers and uninterested in school. While that certainly can be true of some students, that shouldn’t be your default way of thinking. … Continue reading

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June Craft: Father’s Day Pencil Holder

If you’re looking for a simple but very cute Father’s Day craft to do at school or with your children, we have the perfect craft for you. What we really love about this craft is that it is usable. Dads … Continue reading

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2017 Summer Quarterly Catalog

The 2017 National School Supply Quarterly Catalog is here! This month we’re featuring some great items that are perfect for the 2017-2018 school year. Get supplies for various subjects, technology, and even furniture that you will love for your classroom. … Continue reading

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