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Go Green with Recycled Products

Today is Arbor Day, and last week was Earth Day. April is a big month for thinking about the environment. In the spirit of that, we’d like to feature some of our favorite eco-friendly products across both of our sites! … Continue reading

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Last Minute Earth Day Ideas

Did Earth Day sneak up on you this year? Luckily we’ve come up with some great, last minute ideas for you to use in the classroom to help teach your students about the environment. Each of these ideas is simple … Continue reading

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Earth Day Craft: Recycled Wind Catcher

Earth Day is exactly a week away. Earth Day is a day to celebrate and support the environment, and has been celebrated since the year 1970. At this time in history, many Americans were not aware of the many environmental … Continue reading

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Schools Around the World: England

For this month’s segment on Schools Around the World, we’re going to focus on a country that you may be more familiar with…England. England is more similar to America than Japan, but there are still quite a few differences, including … Continue reading

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Teaching Autism Awareness

Tomorrow is National Autism Awareness Day, and the month of April is National Autism Awareness Month. This is the perfect opportunity to teach your students about autism. One in 68 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, yet despite this, … Continue reading

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