Your Guide to an Organized Classroom in 2012

Pocket Chart from National School SupplyWhat better way to start 2012 than with an organized, clutter-free classroom? You can do just that by using just four simple classroom organization tools…

Pocket Charts – The number one way to keep the classroom organized! Pocket charts can be used for a multitude of things: scheduling, sorting, student classroom tasks, attendance, storage and so much more!

Paper Sorters – Do you often find your piles of paper though out the classroom and your desk? Paper sorters are the solution for you! Separate colored paper for art projects, classroom assignments, student mailboxes and anything other handouts you may have laying around. Tack on a label maker for the ultimate in organization.

Colored Folders – Colored folders can be your friend when it comes to organizing student assignments and keeping papers organized. Use the different color folders to organize graded papers, ungraded papers or even to store each students classroom work. By keeping each students assignments all together throughout the year it will make parent/teacher conference planning a breeze.

Storage Bins – Complement any storage system with additional storage bins. Consider using colorful storage bins to teach students where toys and classroom tools belong. Not only do they teach students accountability and responsibility, they will keep the classroom clean!

What other ways do you plan to keep organized in 2012? Share them with us in the comments section.

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