Twitter Chats for Teachers

Are you a teacher or educator using Twitter? Did you know there are Twitter chats available for teachers and educators to connect with other teachers and educators? There are! In fact, there are lots of them!

Twitter chats are designed to allow you to get to know other teachers, bounce ideas off one another, ask questions and be there as another resource. Most Twitter chats occur weekly and can be followed by their hash tags.

Here’s a few of the most popular Twitter chats for teachers:

One of the most popular Twitter chats, #educhat, takes place each Tuesday evening. #Edchat is designed for everyone to participate and takes on very general topics in education. One week could be a subject of English and the next week could be Art or Math.

If you’re a science teacher #SciChat is right for you. Meeting on Tuesday evenings, at 9pm EST, teachers discuss pressing issues in science and teaching science. Whether you are teaching science at the elementary level or college, there is something for everyone. They also created another hashtag, #scido that aims to get the conversation out of the virtual space and get people to doing.

If you’re a teacher of Special Education this is the perfect Twitter chat for you. This chat is also great for general teachers with students with special needs. They meet on Tuesdays, 8:30pm EST.

Last, but not least is a Twitter chat for the new teachers out there. The goal of each New Teacher chat is to provide a support system to new teachers. #NTChat provides a support network for new teachers to chat with one another. They meet Wednesdays, 7pm EST.

What Twitter chats do you participate in?

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