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Running a classroom can be tough, and everyone at and want to make it easier on you! Not only do we do that by posting tips and crafts on this blog, but by using our Pinterest page! On this page you will find tons of ideas that you can implement in your own classroom. We wanted to take a minute to explain some of our favorite boards to you. In addition, you can check this blog for tips on these types of subjects throughout the year! We want to bring our readers both detailed posts, and easy pins to give you fast ideas!


Back to School: The new school year is on the way. Before you know it you will be back in the classroom, and so will your students! Are you looking for some ideas for that first day, or first week back? This board will be perfect for you. On this board you will find icebreakers, simple classroom lessons, student gifts, and more! Some of the pins even have free printables to offer.

Classroom Hacks: Every classroom has those little annoyances. Do you lend out pencils but not get them back from students? Or maybe you have trouble keeping different colored crayons organized? Here’s a couple tips: use labels to distinguish your pencils from the rest, and keep separate tins of each separate color of crayon. Tips like this are the kinds of things you will find on our classroom hacks board.

Bulletin Board Ideas: We know it can be difficult to come up with new and creative bulletin boards. Our board will give you all sorts of ideas. Looking for something simple? No problem. Looking for something complicated? We have that too. Find fun themes for holidays, the start of school, and more!

Printables: Free printables are extremely useful for teachers. We create our own printables that we want to provide to you for free! We post on our board, but also have a full list of all our available printables right HERE.

Arts & Crafts: We post our own arts and crafts here every month that we make ourselves, but we also have a board dedicated to arts and crafts! Here you’ll find some of our crafts and some of other people’s crafts!


That’s just a sampling of the many boards we have. Keep an eye on this blog for posts about the topics you want to see! We’ll bring you tips, back to school ideas, and of course, more crafts. Good luck preparing for the new school year!

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