Simple Steps To Plan a Halloween Party


So, it’s a couple weeks until Halloween and you want to throw a Halloween party. If this is your first time planning a class party it may be slightly overwhelming. We’ve broken the process down into simple steps to help you make sure you’re getting everything done for the best Halloween party in the school.

The first step is to consider your classroom conditions. How many students are in your class? Are there any that would not participate in the festivities due to personal or religious reasons? How old are the students? How long is the party? How much space do you have, and can any activities be done outside? The answers to these questions will create a skeleton for your party.

Now you’re going to want to send home a newsletter with all the pertinent information about the event. This is an easy way to establish the rules of the party as well. If you’re allowing costumes, make sure you establish costume rules in the newsletter, such as no weapons. Treats are common at parties, so the newsletter is also a good place to mention that there will be a treat sign up. If you need volunteers for your party this is the place to request them. Make sure to provide a phone number so parents can get back to you quickly.

Next comes the tough part; planning the activities. This will depend a lot on your individual classroom. If you’re throwing a party all day, you will obviously need a lot more activities than if you are throwing a party for several hours. Also you have to consider your school itself. Is there a costume parade? Classroom trick or treating? These activities also take up time that you’d not have to plan. For the rest of the time though, the activity schedule is up to you. We recommend breaking your class up into groups to make this more manageable. You may pull out spooky games or set up craft stations. Maybe you just want to show a movie. Poke around the internet for more specific ideas; there’s tons of them online and you can do this search based on your class size.

Here’s a few examples of classroom activities you may do at your party: Pin the tail on the black cat, wrap the mummy relay (using toilet paper), pumpkin painting, Halloween bingo, pumpkin bowling (using plastic pumpkins, not real ones), and a costume contest.

Now you can start decorating. There’s plenty of places, including, where you can buy Halloween decorations. Invest in the ones you want and put them up one day after school. You may also choose to have Halloween crafts throughout the month, and decorate the classroom with this student work.

Several days before the party you’re going to want to prepare all your activities and any treats you’re bringing. If possible, separate each activity into a separate box and keep them in your classroom so they can be easily set up the day of the party. Set out your costume the night before and get plenty of sleep…you’re going to need it.

Another important tip; remember you will have to clean up after the party. You may want to show a Halloween film or special near the end of the day to do some cleaning, unless you want to stay late and get it all done at the end of the day. Don’t forget to have students take leftover treats home!

Halloween classroom parties are tons of fun and a lot of work. Good luck with your party, and we hope you and your students have a great time!

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