September Craft: Owl About Me Card

It’s September first, and if your school hasn’t started classes yet, it will be soon! Are you looking for a fun craft that your students will enjoy, but is still relevant to the start of the school year? Well look no further! This Owl About Me Card is a cute, fun way to get to know your new students.

As an educator, it is your job to not only teach your new students, but get to know them as well. Students are used to the usual back to school essay or note card. This craft makes that activity more fun and unique for students.

Some of the steps for this craft could be a bit tricky for younger students, and it may be wise to do them beforehand. Save time by completing step 9 by yourself. You can then make copies of the correctly sized paper for students to cut out for their own card. Interested? Read on for instructions!


Construction Paper (Brown, white)
Lined Paper
Markers (Black, orange)

We’ve put together a full set of instructions complete with pictures for your convenience. You can find those instructions HERE.


What you have students write inside the card is up to you. That’s why we recommend using plain, lined paper instead of a provided cut-out. This way, you can customize the craft to what is important to you and relevant for your classroom. In our example, we included name, hobbies, favorite subject, subject that needs to be worked on, and what the student is most looking forward to that year. Some other good options are age, grade, siblings, and favorite thing the student did over the summer. There’s plenty of subjects to cover, so get creative!

We hope you and your students enjoy the Owl About Me Card! Check back each week for tips for teachers, information about our latest sales, and more craft ideas.

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