Popcorn Art Craft for National Keep Kids Creative Week

Popcorn Art ProjectLet’s continue our celebration of National Keep Kids Creative Week with our next craft project – Popcorn Art. We found this fun craft on Busy Mommy Media’s Blog. Busy Mommy Media is a blog designed to provide Moms (and educators, of course) with information that is accurate and relevant. Rachel shares information that moms need to interact with each other and share experiences.

The Popcorn Art Craft is an easy-to-make craft activity to celebrate the Fall season. Preschools and little learners will enjoy making their very own ears of corn – with real popcorn!

What you’ll need:


  1. Draw a corn husk on a sheet of green construction paper and cut it out.
  2. Trace your cut out corn husk onto another piece of green paper and cut it out. You’ll want to trace and cut the second one out so that they are the same size and match one another.
  3. Trace one of your corn husks on the yellow paper and cut it out. The yellow piece will be your corn husk.
  4. Help you preschool glue the green corn husks to the yellow corn husk. Make sure to help them out so that they do not cover the yellow corn up.
  5. Have your preschooler put a dab of glue on each of their popped corn kernels and decorate their yellow corn husk.

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