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Today is the first official day of fall. School is in full swing, the leaves are changing colors, the temperatures are falling faster than ever, and it is time for fall sales. Here at NationalSchoolFurniture.com, we know that every day is the day for savings. So we’re celebrating the start of the fall season by letting our prices fall…on computer furniture! This week, save 12% off all computer furniture!

Maybe you’re looking for school furniture for this school year, or maybe you’re preparing for the next. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this amazing deal. We have all types of computer furniture for your classrooms, libraries, and computer labs. Below we’ve featured a few of our categories to give you an idea of just how much we have to offer.


Computer Desks & Tables

161031Of course, you can’t have a computer without also having a surface to put it on. Well we have plenty of different types of desks and tables to act as that surface. Browse surfaces to hold one or many computers. We search for the best items we can, so that you have the best items to choose from. So take a look before this deal is over.


Computer Workstations

1400PbSometimes, particularly if computers are set up in classrooms, computer workstations can be more efficient than desks or tables. Choose from mobile stations, simple desk work stations, or more elaborate stations designed for four computers or more. Take a look at specific products for a full list of features.


Kid’s Computer Furniture

3494JCODo you have computers set up for younger students? We have a specific line of furniture for young computer users, to fit their size and needs. These items are made with children in mind. Take a look at all our items. Some are standard desks sized for children, and some are colorful takes on computer tables!


Kid’s Computer Accessories

309015Make time on the computer even more fun with kid’s computer accessories! These mice, headphones, and more are designed with children in mind. Items are made specifically to fit children, and are also made in fun designs that will appeal to children. Shop for items individually or choose a computer package.


Computer Storage Carts

302215Maybe you don’t have traditional computers in your school, but laptops instead. If that is the case, then you need somewhere to store them. All of our computer storage carts are mobile and designed to contain multiple laptops safely.


So there’s a preview of the things we have to offer! Interested? Head over and check them out. As for how to get this discount, you need the promo code. Our promo code for this event is COMP12! So don’t wait! Enjoy the new season, and our new sales.

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