Keep Student Athletes Training This Summer

Summer is here, and while many students will be spending their time relaxing, student athletes will still be training to get ready for the next school year. You may hold training practices during the summer, or you may simply send out guidelines for student athletes to practice at home. No matter which you are doing, these tips will be a huge help for your students.

Give students health tips. This is even more important if your students will be doing all their training on their own. Exercising in summer can be dangerous if proper care isn’t taken. Hot temperatures and the hot sun can cause dehydration and heat illness. Students need to drink plenty of fluids while practicing, and take breaks to cool off. Tell your students to hydrate not only during the workout, but before and after as well. You should also give some guidelines for healthy eating. Give general tips, and even consider giving your students recipes. If you have a social media page or team website, you can post recipes and other tips there.

Create a social media group or website. If you don’t already have one, make one. It’s a great way to keep your students connected all summer long. It’s a place to post updates and tips, and even information about the upcoming season. What’s great about this medium is that it is a place where your students can post tips as well, and even schedule their own, small unofficial practices.

If you’re holding formal practices, make a convenient schedule. Many of your student athletes will have family vacations and summer jobs. It can be hard to come up with a schedule that works with all these factors. Be flexible. Pick your schedule days and times, and if a student occasionally has to miss practice don’t punish them for it.

Change up your workouts. It’s summer, so take the opportunity to make your workouts a bit different. Don’t just run the traditional drills. Hold small competitions. Take the team swimming. Sign your team up for a 5K. It makes the summer workouts more fun and entertaining. Now don’t skip your normal drills and practices, but have some of these fun, less conventional workouts to your schedule as well.

Strengthen your student’s strengths and weaknesses. Instead of focusing on improving areas your students struggle with, also spend time enhancing the skills of the things they are good at.

We hope that this helps you out with summer training!

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