It’s Not Just Sand and Water – New Ideas for Sensory Tables

Every preschool, daycare or classroom with young ones should have a sensory table. Sensory learning is tremendously important in early childhood development. Sensory play takes learning to the next level as young children learn how to use their fine motor skills.

We often times think of sensory tables as “sand and water tables”, but there are plenty of other things that can be used to optimize sensory play for your kids. We’ve compiled a list of common items that you can use in your next sensory table. However, keep in mind that kids of all ages use sensory tables and you want to make sure that the products you are using are age appropriate.

Consider using typical household products and dry foods that won’t break the budget. Some common things you can find around the house that are great for sensory play include water, bubbles (water & dish soap), cheerios, flour, dry pasta, coffee grinds (unused, of course) or rice.

Make a seasonal sensory table. You can simply go outside and find things around the yard to teach your kids about the different seasons. For example, in the spring you can pick some flowers or grass. In the fall you can collect pinecones, mini pumpkins and leaves to teach the young ones about the fall season.

Re-use packing materials. During the holiday season you may find yourself receiving and sending lots of packages. Re-use some of your packing materials for your sensory table. Packing peanuts and bubble wrap will get any kid excited to play.

The simplest things can get any young one excited to use their senses. It’s important for you to find to time and space for sensory play. Don’t be afraid to be creative – your kids will appreciate it for years to come.

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