Holiday Games for the Classroom

Happy Holidays! December is a time to celebrate the holidays with your students and fellow educators. A fun way to celebrate in the classroom is with different holiday games and activities.

These different holiday games will put your students into the holiday spirit.

Pass the Ornament 
What you’ll need:
– One straw for each student
– Ornaments cut out of tissue or construction paper

How to Play:
Have each student pass the ornaments down the line, teammate to teammate, by inhaling and exhaling on the straw to hang on to or release the ornament. No hands!

Fill the Christmas Stocking
What you’ll need:
– One stocking, one bowl and one spoon for each team
– Candy

How to Play:
Divide your students into teams. Have the kids line up at one end of the room. At the other end, hang a Christmas stocking for each team. Place a bowl of candy and a spoon in front of each team. Each student takes a turn taking a candy from the bowl with the spoon. They then carry the candy on the spoon to the stocking and drop the candy in the stocking. Race back to the next person in line, give them the spoon. First team to fill the stocking wins!

Christmas Memory
What you’ll need:
– 18 different holiday items

How to Play:
Show your students all of the items in the box. Remove one or more items out of the box (without the students seeing you). Have the children guess what items are missing. For older children put items on large tray or cookie sheet. Cover. Remove cover for 20-30 seconds and then remove tray from room. On your mark, the children are to write down as many items that they can remember from the tray before you yell, “STOP”. The student with the most correct answers wins.

What are your favorite holiday games and activities? Share them with us in the comments section!

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