Go Green with Recycled Products

Today is Arbor Day, and last week was Earth Day. April is a big month for thinking about the environment. In the spirit of that, we’d like to feature some of our favorite eco-friendly products across both of our sites!

Shopping for Earth-friendly products helps you to reduce your carbon footprint. If enough of us do this, we can have a positive impact on the environment. While it’s not feasible to purchase everything from recycled materials, every little bit helps.

195005jSproutz 2-in-1 Kitchen

This kitchen furniture is great for play and is also great for the environment. It is made completely from 100% recycled wood fiber with a tough finish to protect it from wear and tear. It features a sink, a stove area, and plenty of storage space for food, dishes, and utensils. Kids can pretend to be a chef or just play house with this classic play item that has been made in an eco-friendly way.


pac3202_lEcology Recycled Filler Paper

This paper contains 100% total recycled content. Paper is a common item that is used in classrooms and offices on a daily basis, so why not invest in some paper that is better for the environment? Not only is the paper itself eco-friendly, but the method for making it is as well. That is because 40% of the power used to make the paper is from hydro power.


195178jStackable Lockers

Young students need somewhere to keep backpacks, coats, and more. Instead of shopping for a standard cubby, why not invest in these earth-friendly lockers? These lockers come in multiple heights for your convenience. The doors allow students to keep their possessions out of sight and out of mind. These lockers even include locks for extra security!


97333Recycled Interior File Folders

Everyone needs file folders, whether it’s organizing schedules, keeping track of student work, or filing important documents all in one place. Since this common product is so necessary, why not shop for some that are good for our planet? These recycled file folders allow you to file items with a guilt-free conscious.

195006jDouble-Sided Pick-A-Book Stand

Keep books stored and easily viewable with this double-sided book stand. It has eight shelves total, four on each side, giving tons of space for storage. It’s the perfect way to encourage young students to read. Not only that, but it is manufactured from 100% recycled materials, so it’s great for you, the students, and the Earth, all at once!


This is just a sample of our many products that are good for the environment. Make your school a little greener by making the decision to invest in recycled products. Try searching for more recycled products on both NationalSchoolSupply.com and NationalSchoolFurniture.com!

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