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The National School Supply 2017 Spring Quarterly is here! We’ve got tons of great stuff for you in this issue. We feature some of our favorite crafts, offer free printables, and have written an article giving advice about how to keep your students active, both in and out of the classroom.

Spring is only a week away, so this time we’re featuring a lot of products that reflect that warming weather and the end of the school year.

The first category of products we featured in this catalog is active play items. Active play items can be designed for indoor or outdoor use, or sometimes both. These are great products that students can use outside as the weather warms and for rainy days when indoor recess is necessary. We love all of these products, but if we had to pick a favorite it would be the Police Tricycle. This item encourages roleplay, which will make students even more likely to hop on for a ride. It not only leads to active play, but creative social play. Be warned though, this item may become the most popular toy on the playground!

The next category features items that are great for daycares, which last year round…pre-school & early childhood. We have a large selection of essential furniture, storage, and more in this section. Whether you’re looking for furniture and toys that allow for play or safety objects, we’ve got you covered. Our favorite item in this category is the Imagination Station Theatre. The surface can be easily written on and wipes off, allowing for endless play opportunities. Students can run a market, a news stand, a store front…anything they can imagine! This single toy gives limitless possibilities!

Next we’ve got test prep. Good test scores are extremely important for the students, the school, and your reputation as a teacher. Luckily we have tons of test prep materials to help you and your students out across all grade levels and subjects. Books, flashcards, we’ve got it all! Our favorite item in this category is the Common Core Reading Warmups & Test Practice – Grade 8. This book comes with a series of warm-ups and practice tests to help students get prepared. Students will practice two-part questions, multiple choice, short answer, and more!

Physical education is the next category we’re featuring this issue. We’ve got some great items, both classic and unique, that will make physical education fun and engaging. We even are featuring some items that teachers simply need to make class run smoothly, such as whistles and ball carry nets. Our favorite item in this category is this Catch and Balance Band Set. This game requires concentration and a lot of teamwork. The goal of the game is to get the ball down the entire parachute chain and back without letting it fall. It’s a unique, fun game that students will love!


In recognition of Autism Awareness Month in April, our last featured category is special needs. Students with special needs have difficulties other students do not face. These difficulties may be physical, emotional, behavioral, or involve learning disabilities. Some of the more well-known disabilities include ADHD, autism, visual impairment, deafness, Down syndrome, and intellectual disabilities. In this category you will find sensory items, books for advising teachers, sign language cards, and more. Our favorite item is the Tactile Squeak Balls, which come as a set of six. These balls have a variety of colors, contours, and squeaking for excellent sensory learning.

Don’t forget to check out our free printables which highlight spring and spring holidays. We’re also featuring three of our previous crafts; one for Memorial Day, one for St. Patrick’s Day, and one for Earth Day. Our article gives great advice about keeping students active. There’s tons of great content in this digital catalog, so go check it out!

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