Control Crowds at Events

School has been in session for some time, and that means more events will be taking place. Students will soon be putting on concerts, plays, and more. For productions and events like this to take place, you need the right materials.

That is why this week, is offering a great deal. This week only, take 10% off all crowd control and staging items!

Having the correct staging is important for the productions themselves, while crowd control is essential to keeping your building organized as visitors swarm in. We have a large range of items to choose from. Once you find the items that you like all you need is to use the promo code CROWD10. It’s that easy!

Need an example of what we have to offer? Look no further! Below we’ve featured all of our major categories of stage control and staging.



531019Barricades are perfect for blocking off hallways, entrances, and more. Visitors to your school cannot be allowed to roam the entire school, and these barricades will indicate the areas that are off limits. We have multiple styles, with barricades made of different materials. Follow the link to take a look at all of our options.


Coat Racks

207002mIt is important that during events, visitors have somewhere to keep their outerwear. Coat racks are an easy and convenient option, particularly if your school does not have a designated coat room. We carry mobile coat racks that can be moved as needed, coat racks that can be mounted to walls, and more!



TFR72Risers can be used for many occasions, and are particularly common for choir concerts. Our aim is for risers to be easy to set up and take down for your convenience. Choose from multiple styles and colors to find what type of riser is right for your school.


Rope Posts

250081uRope posts are the perfect way to organize a crowd. Use them to direct people on where to line up and what route to take through your building. We carry rope posts and different types or ropes to go with them. It’s never been easier to direct a crowd.



PS48CIt is very important that stages be present during a performance. Choose from actual, portable stages, steps, and handrails in this section. These items will not only showcase your students, but will keep them safe in the process!


And that’s it! Check back next week for more sales and news!

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