A Week of Spring Break Activities

Are you looking for some fun ideas to keep the kids busy during spring break? You don’t have to take a trip or spend a lot of money to make spring break fun and memorable for your kids. With just a little creativity and help from us you’ll have lots to do this year.

Monday: Explore Your City
Spend the day pretending you are an out-of-towner. Every city has lots of hidden treasures and now’s the prefect time to explore them with your kids. Spend a few hours searching the internet or contact your local visitor’s center for a list of hidden landmarks and gems in your city. Make it a game and see how many you can see in just one day.

Tuesday: Volunteer
Volunteering can be a fun activity for kids while also educational. Teaching your kids how they can help others in the community will teach them the importance of community involvement and helping others. Make it more fun by letting choose the organization they want to volunteer at. You can visit a local church, city hall or the internet for a list of volunteer opportunities in your community.

Wednesday: Have a Jig-Saw Puzzle Competition
Make doing puzzles more fun by turning it into a competition. Allow each of your kids (or their friends) pick out a jig-saw puzzle and compete to see who can compete it the fastest. When they’re done they make it a memorable experience by using puzzle glue and holding it all together.

Thursday: Plant a Garden
Spring is the best time to start thinking about the upcoming gardening season and spring break is a great opportunity to get your kids involved. Letting them choose some of the plants will get them excited about helping out. Gardening and planting projects are a great science lesson for kids. If it’s still too cold to do any planting outside you can plant the seeds in a styrofoam cup and transfer them to the garden when the weather warms up.

Friday: Movie Day
Finish out the week with a calm afternoon at home watching movies. Mix it up by bringing out some of your all-time favorites and introducing them to your kids.

There are lots of different things you can do with the kids during spring break and these are just a few of them. Share with us in the comments section some of the things you’ll be doing this year!

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