A Fun Spring Craft Idea: Rain Sticks

Rainy weather is taking over much of the country, thus forcing the kids to stay cooped up inside. Simple-to-make rain sticks can be a fun craft activity for any rainy day.

Here’s what you’ll need:


  1. Cover one end of your cardboard tube with a piece of construction paper. Make sure the end is completely covered and either tape or glue it shut.
  2. Cut your aluminum foil into long strips. Crumble the strips up and place them into the tube.
  3. Pour your cup of rice, beans or popcorn seeds into the tube.
  4. Cover the 2nd end of the tube with construction paper. Make sure the entire end is completely covered and glue or tape it shut.
  5. Using your beads, feathers, markers and other decorating supplies decorate your rain stick however you want!
  6. Turn the rain stick up and down and listen to the sound of the rain.

Kids will not only love making these simple rain sticks, but they now have a toy to play with for the rest of the afternoon. You can plan ahead today for the next rainy day by stocking up on arts and crafts supplies from National School Supply. The huge selection of different arts and crafts is sure to have supplies to make decorating your rain stick even more fun!

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