2017 Summer Quarterly Catalog

The 2017 National School Supply Quarterly Catalog is here! This month we’re featuring some great items that are perfect for the 2017-2018 school year. Get supplies for various subjects, technology, and even furniture that you will love for your classroom.

As is customary, we’re going to give you a preview of our catalog with this post so you can get an idea of the types of products we have featured this time.

Language Arts

If you’re an English teacher or simply teach English in your curriculum, these products will make your job easier. We’re featuring an array of products across various grade levels. Get products to help out with writing, grammar, reading, and more. Our favorite item that we are featuring in this category is Filling Out Forms. It will help with writing and comprehension skills, and also help students develop important life skills. Examples of forms in this book include a driver’s license, job applications, and a standardized test form. Improve reading, writing, and spelling while helping students prepare for life outside of school with this fantastic language arts product!


Have everything you need for your next science lessons with our wide selection of science supplies. We’ve tried to cover as many science topics as possible in this section of our catalog, and even more is available on our website. Our favorite item is the Now you See It Now You Don’t See Through Compost Container. This product allows students to observe the decomposition process easily and compare the decomposition of different materials at the same time. This product will help students learn about environmental protection, composting, life cycles, and of course, decomposition. It even comes with a Teacher’s Guide.


Help out your students with addition, geometry, probability, and much more with the products featured in this summer catalog. We’ve got books, kits, flashcards, and even games to help your students learn these important math skills. We’re featuring this Math Projects Gr 5-8 book today. These projects are great for individual or group work. The projects in this book will help enforce math concepts. Examples of projects include planning a garden and a dog kennel. You will get 50 project ideas in this book that allow students to read and write, compute, and even use artistic and social skills.


Use technology to your advantage in the classroom with our quality, unique technology products. You’ll find all sorts of technology items in this catalog that will be a great addition to your classroom. Our favorite item in this category isn’t actually a piece of technology itself, but a book titled Creating A Google Apps Classroom. Whether you’re a beginner with Google or a veteran, this book will help you plan great lessons for your classroom. This book is easy to understand and follow. Pick it up this summer to get ready for the next school year!

Furniture & Equipment

You can’t run a classroom without furniture, and we’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from. We’re sure that with our large selection of products to choose from that you will be able to find exactly what you need. In this issue of our catalog you’ll find desks, cabinets, chairs, and more. Our favorite is the Royal Inspiration Station. This innovative take on an easel has everything; a whiteboard, space for books and papers to be displayed, storage space for bins of products and art supplies, and even space for hooks where items can be hung. This amazing product gives you tons of options when teaching earlier grade levels.


And of course our catalog has more than just our products. In this issue you’ll find a short article about setting up your classroom at the start of the year. We also feature some fun printouts and crafts that you can do once school resumes, or even use with your own children.

Our next catalog will be coming to you this fall. Keep an eye on this blog, our website, or our Facebook page to find it!

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