Another Huge Sale has a huge sale coming your way! It is huge in two ways. The first is that our sale is 12% off all classroom technology! 12% off is a great number. It’s huge in the second way because there is just so much technology to choose from. We carry over 10,000 products in this category.

To help you shop, since we know our selection is large, our technology items are broken down into multiple subcategories. Today we will feature some of the main subcategories to help you shop.


Computer Keyboards & Mice: You simply cannot use a computer without a keyboard or a mouse. We have tons of different options of these types of items for you to choose from. From the most basic to the most advanced, we are sure to have the types of keyboards and mice you need to fit your classroom needs.

Printers, Toners, & Supplies: Printers, toners, and related supplies are all essential items in a school. Luckily we have hundreds of these types of items for you to browse through. Take care of all your printing needs by shopping with us!

Batteries & Electrical Supplies: Do you need adapters? Batteries? Extension cords? Power strips? We have it all in this category! These simple items can sometimes be overlooked, which is why we have tons of varieties for every type of classroom.

Data Storage Media & Supplies: We have tons of different items in this category. Browse our selection of cassettes, CDs, DVDs, computer drives, memory cards, and much more! Never let your important data be unprotected.

Multifunction Machines: Multifunction machines save on both time and space. Follow the link to see our range of products and click them for full details on what exactly they do!


That’s a very small sample of all the technology items we have to offer. Are you interested in this sale? Great! All you need is the promo code. You enter it during the check out process to get your discount. This week’s discount code is TECH12! So don’t wait. Get shopping, today! The sale won’t last forever.

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Weekly Giveaway: Math Resources

Hello, everyone! It’s another week, so it’s time for another weekly giveaway! This week’s prize from is for all the math teachers out there…two math books! A Decimal Squares book, and a Fraction Bars book!


As usual, let’s go into some details about the prize. The first book is a Decimal Squares Teacher’s Guide. This step-by-step guide is great for helping teachers educate students about decimals. Sections covered in this guide are basic concepts, equality, inequality, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It also has games that are great additions to any lesson. This guide gives sample lesson plans and ideas for use in the classroom. If decimals are something you’ll need to teach, this book could be a great guide!

The second book is a Teacher’s Resource Package on the subject of fraction bars. The guide is aimed for first and second graders. Lessons one through nine are aimed at first graders, while lessons one through seventeen are aimed at second graders. The lessons cover subjects such as equality, inequality, story problems, and more! There’s even a list of master lessons. This guide is great for use during the school year in lesson plans.

So what are you waiting for? You only have until Friday, September 12th at 10:00AM CST to enter this giveaway! Simply go to our Facebook page and share the weekly giveaway post. Make sure to check your privacy settings because we need to be able to see that you shared the post for you to be eligible. Winners are messaged on Facebook is keep an eye on your inbox. If selected you have until Friday, September 19th to claim your prize.

Good luck!

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Sale on Technology!

The new school year is here and under way. Do you have everything you need to make this year successful? One of those important things needed in classrooms across the country is technology. That is why this week is offering 10% off all classroom technology!

We realize technology can get expensive, which is why we’re offering this sale. Additionally, we won’t make you jump through hoops to get the discount. Our promo code is TECH10, so simply use that after you’re finished shopping for the sale to be applied to your order!

To help you have an idea of the type of items we offer in our weekly sale, we often feature subcategories or specific products. That has not changed this week! Keep reading to see examples of our technology items available for purchase, today!

Digital Projectors

346001Digital projectors are great items for classrooms. They allow educators to easily display information to an entire class. More modern projectors are designed smaller for easier transport and storage. These items have really taken the place of overhead projectors as they are less bulky, easier to operate, and have a clearer image. If you’ve been thinking about buying some of these, now is the perfect time with this discount!

Document Cameras

309030_1_1We have several different options when it comes to document cameras, and all come with a variety of features. Some have web cams for video conferencing. Some can link with computers while some have USB ports. Some rotate 360 degrees and some offer multiple light modes. There are too many details to list, so follow the link and check out the details on each specific item!

Interactive Teaching Carts & Easels

302222_a_PThese items allow you to use the same, amazing technology, and to make it mobile at the same time! Adjust these items by moving them from classroom to classroom, around classrooms, and even adjust the height! Have all the convenience of technology combined with the efficiency of mobility. Check out the products on our site for a full list of features.

Interactive Whiteboards

271024Interactive whiteboards are growing more and more popular in schools across the country. The unique features of these boards make teaching easier and more fun for students! All interactive whiteboards have the same basic principle in mind, but they all have different details. Some are touch screen and some are not. Again, this comprehensive list of differences is too long to put here. You’ll have to check out all the items to see for yourself!

Student Response Systems

309028_a_PStudent response systems are a sun way to encourage student participation. These products come with remotes and a computer system. The computer system can identify which remote, and therefore student, pressed a key. This technology helps to create a fully interactive classroom environment. Check out our items for all the details.


And there you have it! Don’t let this sale pass you by. Check out all our technology items and save!

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September Craft: Pencil Door Hanger

September is here, and a new school year has started. Start the year off right with a fun craft for students!

This pencil door hanger craft is perfect for younger students who have recently started school. The craft uses simple shapes and construction paper, making it easy to prepare for students. The pencil shape is a great standard school supply item that is used for homework. It makes it perfect for a Do Not Disturb door hanger. Students can take this craft home and hang it on their doors when they do their homework after school. Not only is it fun, but it’s practical.

So, here is what you need to complete this project.


Yellow, pink, and tan/light brown construction paper
Black marker
Paper puncher

You can find the full instructions for the craft, complete with pictures, HERE.

The door hanger might not hang straight without the support of the door behind it, depending on the size. If this bothers you, try gluing a stiff material to the back such as a thin cardboard or cardstock.

And there you have it! We hope you enjoy our September craft, and that students enjoy it too! Check back next month for a fun Halloween craft!

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Weekly Giveaway: Egypt and World Maps

Today is Thursday, and you know what that means? That tomorrow is Friday, and you have less than 24 hours to enter the weekly giveaway! Don’t miss out on this amazing prize. This week we’re giving away two items: a Picture Collection book on Egypt, and a World Outline map set!


So, let us tell you more about this fun prize. We’ll start with the Egypt book. This book is filled with pictures that can be easily integrated into your curriculum. It includes 31 reproducible illustrations and adds tons of visual fun to any lesson! The book also includes tips on how to use the illustrations to enhance student learning. This book is part of the Ancient Civilization series, which has a long history of publications for teachers. Enter to try and win this fun resource!

The second part of this prize is the outline map set of the world. This set comes with 50 laminated sheets for classroom use. These laminated maps are great if only because they can be used again and again without being destroyed. The maps are unlabeled, complete with full country borders. This is an excellent tool so don’t miss your chance!

So, how do you win? Go to our Facebook page and share the weekly giveaway post. Make sure you check your privacy settings. We need to be able to see that you shared the post for you to be eligible. We message all our winners on Facebook and often those messages end up in your “other” inbox, so be sure to check that. You only have until tomorrow, Friday September 5th to enter. All posts much be shared by 10:00 AM CST. If chosen, you have until Friday, September 12th to claim your prize.

And if you’re still hunting for social studies supplies, we have tons of them available on our website. To check them out, just click HERE.

Good luck!

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