April Craft: Easy Easter Egg

Did Easter sneak up on you this year? With the way the holiday jumps around from year to year, it can be easy to forget about it. If you are scrambling to come up with an easy, last minute Easter activity, then we have you covered!

Our Easy Easter Egg craft is perfect for the educator who’s looking for something to do, fast. It uses materials you most likely already have in class. This simple craft is a great activity for young students. It will allow your students to express their creativity, while allowing you a simple craft that doesn’t require too much effort on your part.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some construction paper and additional materials and let your students have fun!


Construction Paper

Craft Puffs

You can find a PDF with instructions, including pictures, HERE!


Students can take this fun craft home to their families, or you can keep them around the classroom. We hope you and your students enjoy this easy craft.

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March Craft: Pot of Gold

St. Patrick’s Day is here in only a week! Are you looking for a fun craft that requires few supplies, but still produces a great item? Then this Pot of Gold craft is perfect!

The younger students may need help with cutting the plate, but otherwise this simple craft is perfect for all sorts of ages. This craft makes a great addition to stories or lessons around the holiday and leprechauns. Students will love making their own pot of gold, complete with a colorful rainbow.

Here’s what you need.Finalpotofgold

Paper Plate
Yellow Construction Paper


You can find instructions, complete with pictures, HERE.


This craft can be placed down flat, hung on doorknobs, and hung from windows. Decorate your classroom or let students take them home right away!

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February Craft: Valentines Holder

Valentine’s Day is nearly here. In the classroom, it is often a time for students to hand out Valentines to each other. If students are going to be getting Valentines, it only makes sense for them to have somewhere to hold them. That’s where this month’s craft comes in. Let students collect Valentines in a personal, custom Valentines Holder!

This craft is simple, and uses materials you probably already have, or can easily pick up. Younger students might have some trouble with the stapling step so if this is for a very youngFinalImage VDAY class, you may have to help out.

Here’s what you’ll need.


Two Paper Plates
Construction Paper (Red or Pink)
Colored Pencils/Markers

You can find the instructions, complete with pictures, HERE.

We hope you and your students enjoy this month’s craft! Check back next month for another fun, themed craft.

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January Craft: Paper Plate Snowman

Are your students and children getting restless? We’re over halfway through January, which means the winter season is firmly upon us. Due to that, sometimes it simply isn’t possible to let children outside. Well we have a solution to that. Now is the perfect time for a fun and easy craft to break up the day!

This Paper Plate Snowman uses simple materials you probably already have on hand. You can keep this simply as a craft project, or use it as an opportunity to create a lesson. Teach your students about snow. Tell them how it forms and why it forms over only certain parts of the country.
This is a great activity to save for a snowy day. Continue reading to find out what you need and how to make it.

1 Large Paper Plate
1 Small Paper Plate
Black, Brown, & Orange Construction Paper
Black Marker

You can find the instructions, complete with pictures, HERE.

Once finished students can take them home or you can decorate the classroom with them for a fun winter theme. The choice is up to you. We here at NationalSchoolSupply.com hope you enjoy the craft. Check back next month for another great craft to do with students!

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December Craft: Standing Christmas Tree

December is here. There are lights strung all along the streets, wreathes on people’s doors, and Christmas trees everywhere. With only two weeks to go until Christmas, and even less time until winter break, students are bound to be antsy. If you are still looking for a fun holiday craft why not try this simple Standing Christmas Tree.

This craft is great for younger students as it is very simple and still allows for creativity! Students will have a blast decorating their trees with different colors of ornaments, and they will be thrilled when they can make it stand with nothing more than glue and a toilet paper roll!

So, here is what you’ll need…

Materials: tree12

Construction Paper – Green, yellow, and miscellaneous colors
Toilet Paper Roll
Hole Puncher

You can find instructions, complete with pictures, of how to complete the craft HERE.

This fun craft is sure to get students in the holiday spirit. Use the trees as decorations for your classroom, or simply let students take them home. And don’t feel limited by construction paper ornaments…there are many other things you can use if you want to do something different! Glitter, beads, or foam can be used instead of, or in conjunction with construction paper ornaments.

A warm Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year from all of us to you, your students, and your families.

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