Weekly Giveaway: How to Write a Research Paper

It is time for another weekly giveaway, and this week we’re bringing you a great prize. This week’s prize is a book on how to write research papers!


Everyone at NationalSchoolSupply.com knows how challenging a research paper can be. That is why we’ve chosen this as our prize. The process of writing a research paper can easily overwhelm students, parents, and teachers alike. This handbook will guide students step-by-step through the process of constructing a research paper. Each step includes activities and examples. This book is aimed towards middle grades.

Examples of sections in this book include: Locating resources, taking notes, writing a first draft, bibliographies, and more. This book covers the entire process of creating a research paper, from picking a topic to presenting a final draft. If you have a child or students in a class struggling with research papers, this book is a great resource.

Help your students or children with this crucial skill. Enter our weekly giveaway, today!

But how? It’s simple. Simply go to our Facebook page and share the weekly giveaway post. Check your privacy settings, because we need to be able to see you shared it if you want to win. You only have until Friday, September 26th at 10:00 AM CST to share it though! We message the winners on Facebook so make sure to check your “other” inbox.

Good luck!

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Our Prices Are Falling

Today is the first official day of fall. School is in full swing, the leaves are changing colors, the temperatures are falling faster than ever, and it is time for fall sales. Here at NationalSchoolFurniture.com, we know that every day is the day for savings. So we’re celebrating the start of the fall season by letting our prices fall…on computer furniture! This week, save 12% off all computer furniture!

Maybe you’re looking for school furniture for this school year, or maybe you’re preparing for the next. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this amazing deal. We have all types of computer furniture for your classrooms, libraries, and computer labs. Below we’ve featured a few of our categories to give you an idea of just how much we have to offer.


Computer Desks & Tables

161031Of course, you can’t have a computer without also having a surface to put it on. Well we have plenty of different types of desks and tables to act as that surface. Browse surfaces to hold one or many computers. We search for the best items we can, so that you have the best items to choose from. So take a look before this deal is over.


Computer Workstations

1400PbSometimes, particularly if computers are set up in classrooms, computer workstations can be more efficient than desks or tables. Choose from mobile stations, simple desk work stations, or more elaborate stations designed for four computers or more. Take a look at specific products for a full list of features.


Kid’s Computer Furniture

3494JCODo you have computers set up for younger students? We have a specific line of furniture for young computer users, to fit their size and needs. These items are made with children in mind. Take a look at all our items. Some are standard desks sized for children, and some are colorful takes on computer tables!


Kid’s Computer Accessories

309015Make time on the computer even more fun with kid’s computer accessories! These mice, headphones, and more are designed with children in mind. Items are made specifically to fit children, and are also made in fun designs that will appeal to children. Shop for items individually or choose a computer package.


Computer Storage Carts

302215Maybe you don’t have traditional computers in your school, but laptops instead. If that is the case, then you need somewhere to store them. All of our computer storage carts are mobile and designed to contain multiple laptops safely.


So there’s a preview of the things we have to offer! Interested? Head over and check them out. As for how to get this discount, you need the promo code. Our promo code for this event is COMP12! So don’t wait! Enjoy the new season, and our new sales.

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Weekly Giveaway: Board Game

It is another week, and time for another weekly giveaway. This week we are celebrating how fun learning is with a game…Teddy Bear’s Picnic!


You get two games in one with this prize! You can either focus on the rhyming cards, or on the colors, shapes, and counting cards. In this game, players travel around the board to join Teddy and Teddy’s friends for a picnic. It helps to develop skills in critical thinking, language development, rhyming, visual discrimination, shapes, colors, and counting.

How do you play? With the rhyming cards, players determine if the two pictures rhyme. For the colors, shapes, and counting cards, the players must identify the shape, color, and number of shapes that are shown. Like many games, this one also involves spinning the game piece to determine the number of spaces each player moves. This game is designed for ages four and up.

This prize contains a game board, 23 rhyming cards, 23 shapes, colors, and counting cards, 6 player pieces, and direction cards. This game is a great tool for teaching younger children important skills in a fun way.

Now, on how to enter the giveaway. Simply share our weekly giveaway Facebook post by Friday, September 19th at 10:00 AM CST for your chance to win! Check your privacy settings because we need to be able to see you shared it for you to be eligible to win. We message the winners on Facebook so keep an eye on your inbox. You have until September 26th to claim the prize if you win.

Good luck!

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Another Huge Sale

NationalSchoolSupply.com has a huge sale coming your way! It is huge in two ways. The first is that our sale is 12% off all classroom technology! 12% off is a great number. It’s huge in the second way because there is just so much technology to choose from. We carry over 10,000 products in this category.

To help you shop, since we know our selection is large, our technology items are broken down into multiple subcategories. Today we will feature some of the main subcategories to help you shop.


Computer Keyboards & Mice: You simply cannot use a computer without a keyboard or a mouse. We have tons of different options of these types of items for you to choose from. From the most basic to the most advanced, we are sure to have the types of keyboards and mice you need to fit your classroom needs.

Printers, Toners, & Supplies: Printers, toners, and related supplies are all essential items in a school. Luckily we have hundreds of these types of items for you to browse through. Take care of all your printing needs by shopping with us!

Batteries & Electrical Supplies: Do you need adapters? Batteries? Extension cords? Power strips? We have it all in this category! These simple items can sometimes be overlooked, which is why we have tons of varieties for every type of classroom.

Data Storage Media & Supplies: We have tons of different items in this category. Browse our selection of cassettes, CDs, DVDs, computer drives, memory cards, and much more! Never let your important data be unprotected.

Multifunction Machines: Multifunction machines save on both time and space. Follow the link to see our range of products and click them for full details on what exactly they do!


That’s a very small sample of all the technology items we have to offer. Are you interested in this sale? Great! All you need is the promo code. You enter it during the check out process to get your discount. This week’s discount code is TECH12! So don’t wait. Get shopping, today! The sale won’t last forever.

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Weekly Giveaway: Math Resources

Hello, everyone! It’s another week, so it’s time for another weekly giveaway! This week’s prize from NationalSchoolSupply.com is for all the math teachers out there…two math books! A Decimal Squares book, and a Fraction Bars book!


As usual, let’s go into some details about the prize. The first book is a Decimal Squares Teacher’s Guide. This step-by-step guide is great for helping teachers educate students about decimals. Sections covered in this guide are basic concepts, equality, inequality, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It also has games that are great additions to any lesson. This guide gives sample lesson plans and ideas for use in the classroom. If decimals are something you’ll need to teach, this book could be a great guide!

The second book is a Teacher’s Resource Package on the subject of fraction bars. The guide is aimed for first and second graders. Lessons one through nine are aimed at first graders, while lessons one through seventeen are aimed at second graders. The lessons cover subjects such as equality, inequality, story problems, and more! There’s even a list of master lessons. This guide is great for use during the school year in lesson plans.

So what are you waiting for? You only have until Friday, September 12th at 10:00AM CST to enter this giveaway! Simply go to our Facebook page and share the weekly giveaway post. Make sure to check your privacy settings because we need to be able to see that you shared the post for you to be eligible. Winners are messaged on Facebook is keep an eye on your inbox. If selected you have until Friday, September 19th to claim your prize.

Good luck!

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