Weekly Summer Giveaway: Counting Pocket Chart

Did you know about our weekly summer giveaway? Every week on our Facebook page we post an item to give away. All you have to do to enter the contest is to share the post on Facebook! Easy, right? We post our giveaway every Monday, and you have until Friday to share the post for your chance to win!

Or I should say you normally have until Friday. This week you’ve lucked out, since some of our staff will be away on vacation. Because of this you actually get until Monday, July 28th to share the post! Before you share though, make sure you check your privacy settings. To be eligible we have to see that you’ve shared the post. Additionally we message all our winners on Facebook, but they often get sent to your “other” inbox. We announce the winners every Friday (or in this case, Monday) morning, so just be sure to check at some point during that day! Sadly we can only ship to residents of the United States.

Okay, enough of all the logistics. What are we actually giving away?


This week NationalSchoolSupply.com is giving away a Counting Pocket Chart! This chart is great for helping students develop counting skills, place value concepts, grouping, and number recognition! It is ideal for young students and provides great visuals when it comes to learning numbers.

The chart is 12” wide and 17” tall with grommets for hanging on the wall or chalk stands. It contains five clear pockets with an extra pocket for storage. Included are 35 number and place value cards, plus 200 counting cards. There’s even an activity guide to help you plan your lessons.

This counting chart is great for classrooms. It also works well for small groups or even individual instruction!

So what are you waiting for? Just head to our Facebook page and find the weekly summer giveaway post. Simply share, and wait.

But what if you don’t win? Still looking for something to help your students understand counting, place values, and numbers? Some of our categories on NationalSchoolSupply.com may be able to help! Look through our counting supplies for young students. You can find counting games, books, counters, and more! Or maybe our place value supplies? We have books, flip stands, activities, and other items that will help teach students about place values.

That’s it for this week. Good luck!

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Sales on Charts!

Hello, readers. It’s been a crazy month over here, between the issues with our server and the blog. But at last we have both up and running again. Hopefully that will be the end of our website and blog issues and we can get back to regular updates.

And speaking of regular updates, we continue to bring you great sales every week! This week’s deal is from NationalSchoolSupply.com, on something that every classroom needs. So what is the sale? This week only, save 12% off all charts!

Charts are great to have around the classroom. They’re perfect for motivating students, acting as study guides, and more! They’re not just for young students; high school students can benefit from them too! We have tons of charts to choose from, so get browsing today.

We realize though that with over 700 options, it might be easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve separated the charts into separate categories. We’ve featured those categories below to make your browsing experience easier.

Okay let’s get started.

Classroom Theme

Our classroom themed charts cover a wide range of things. We carry welcome charts for the start of the school year, birthday charts to celebrate student’s special days, and classroom rules charts to teach students procedures in the classroom. In this section you will also find plain charts, save for the design on them. These give you a great opportunity to customize the chart into anything you want! There’s plenty of options, so get browsing today.

Holiday & Seasonal

Holiday and seasonal charts are a great way to get students excited. These charts can be good just for decoration and holiday planning, or to teach your students about the seasons or holiday that is approaching.


If you work in a private school you may be looking for inspirational, religious messages to decorate your classroom walls with. If that is the case we have options. Whether you want to teach your students how to pray, teach them about religious texts in a simple way, or want some inspirational quotes, we can provide it for you.

Language Arts

Language arts are an important skill for all students to have. These charts will help teach simple concepts to students and motivate them to study. On our site you can find charts on grammar, the writing process, reading, and more. Charts can be a reference guide for students or a reward chart to encourage progress. We have over 100 options, so take a look.


Math is another essential skill that a lot of students struggle with. Make things easier on students with one of our many math charts. On our site you can find charts covering topics such as multiplication, graphs, geometry, fractions, and much more. Our charts cover topics found in daycare up through high school, so we’re sure we can meet any needs you may have.


This is where we put the charts that don’t fit into an easy category. There’s a little over 100 items in this category to look through, with everything from charts on safety signs to charts about fire drills. Some are more informative, such as charts on instruments and computers, while others are just fun borders to add to your classroom. Browse them all, today!


Help keep students motivated with these motivational charts! You can motivate them with many different types of charts. Some of the kinds we have are charts on the habits of good students, incentive charts, inspirational quotes and images, and more. Keep spirits up in the classroom!


Keep students informed on science classroom rules, procedures, and more. Our selection of science charts covers all types of topics, such as safety, references to science procedures, and information on different science subjects. Our charts are for all grade levels so we’re sure at least one of the ones in this section will catch your eye.

Social Studies

We have plenty of social studies charts designed to fit every teacher’s needs. We have world and USA map charts. There are informative charts covering different parts of history, charts naming all the presidents, and much more. Find the perfect social studies chart to compliment your classroom today!

That covers everything! We hope the categories are helpful to you, and that the charts will find a great home in your classroom. The promo code for this sale is CHART12.

Thanks for reading!

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Creative Ways Parents Can Encourage Reluctant Students to Focus and Read.

Educators and many parents, alike, are well aware of the benefits of reading and writing But sometimes parents get busy and it’s easy to lose track of their child’s reading progress.

10 ideas for parents to help along their children's reading goals.

Let’s help get kids excited about reading.  With some of these tips, parents will be able to increase their student’s readiness to participate in the classroom.

Educators are faced with the challenge of engaging students and keeping them focused on a reading program.  It would be nice, in a perfect world, if children arrived to class anxiously anticipating their next page-turning opportunity.  Well, that is sometimes not the case.  That’s where parents can play a role in guiding their child’s reading and writing skills right at home.

We’ve brainstormed some ideas to not only make things easier on teachers, but perhaps also help parents in the process–everyone can benefit from these ideas.  By giving your child reading and writing oriented activities that offer them fun rewards upon completion, you could, in turn, likely get some help with chores and tasks.

For example, have your child write part of the grocery list.  I know, I know–sometimes you need to get shopping done and don’t have time to involve your kids.  But the worst outcome is a fun writing assignment!  Have them list 3 food items they’d like to have, describe them and explain why.  Maybe assign two healthy items and one treat.  The treat acting as incentive for completing the assignment.

If you’re too concerned about what the neighbors think, this one might not work.  But don’t let others opinions get in the way of learning–who knows, it might encourage your neighbors to do the same activity, creating a wave of learning throughout your neighborhood.  Post words with their definitions all over the house.  Depending on your child’s reading level, accompany the denoted items, i.e., refrigerator, television, and ceiling fan, with not only the definition, but a history of who invented the household items, when and why.  This activity could turn into a history lesson or practical lesson on appliances, heating and cooling and electricity.

Here are Ten Easy Ways parents can help prepare their kids for reading and writing in the classroom:

1.  Place reading materials out in the open and read in front of your children.

2.  Have a mystery novel night, reading and playing detective with your child to solve the case.

3.  Set aside a time and place for your child to read on their own in a comfy, quiet place.

4.  Place appropriate reading and word games on your computer or notebook and allow your child to use it.  Keep a dictionary nearby and make a habit of looking up words.  This helps not only your child but everyone seeking better communication skills.

5.  Take your child to the public library where there’s all sorts of free media for them to discover.  Librarians love to promote literacy.

6.  Is your child in anticipation of a new movie coming out soon?  Make a deal with them that if they read the book, you’ll take them to the movie.  Then you can discuss the differences.

7.  Encourage your children to keep in touch with friends that have moved away or family members out of state–they’ll be surprised how much they enjoy it once encouraged to do so.  Their social life will thank them later.

8.  Ask your child to draw pictures to accompany the story they’re reading.

9.  Ask your children questions everyday, promoting the thought-process.  It also gives you something to talk about.  Ask them about what they’re reading, the characters–which character do they relate to the most and why?  This can even help their child’s ethical development–what do they think about the actions of the characters, and what are the consequences?

10.  Always share what you’re reading with your child, your thoughts about it, and encourage your child to do the same.

Please visit www.nationalschoolsupply.com to download the free poster.  It can be found in the “Posters” section under “Free Downloadable Printables.”





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Enjoy the View Out of Our Binocular Craft

NSS_Binocular_CraftBack-to-School is right around the corner. To help ease students into their first week, we have prepared a fun craft for your students that they will love!

Having students create our Binocular Craft is a way for them to be creative. They can design them however they would like. This craft gets them to focus on one thing at a time, follow steps, listen, create, and explore.

Our Binocular Craft is a simple, easy-to-do craft that requires minimal supplies that you can easily get your hands on. What you will need to create and complete this craft are the following supplies:

  • Construction Paper
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Hole-Puncher
  • String or Ribbon
  • 2 Toilet Paper Rolls

Craft Instructions

If you have questions or comments feel free to contact us at 1-800-669-7766, leave a comment here or post on our Facebook page! National School Supply and National School Furniture are also on Pinterest, where we’re posting our latest products, printables, crafts and classroom ideas!

Happy Crafting!

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Coming soon from National School Supply: EasyList!

As a teacher, we know that ensuring your students have the correct supplies is imperative to you. You pass out lists, supply them through stores, but it seems that something isEasyShareLogo1 always overlooked, supplies are out of stock, or parents just don’t have the time or resources to run from store to store for supplies.

We here at National School Supply are introducing our new EasyList Program to help make school supplies easier on you AND parents! Want to know more? Here’s how it works:

  • Go to NationalSchoolSupply.com/EasyListIntro to see the Easy List Intro Video
  •  Create a profile and upload your school list, picture of your classroom, and a bio about yourself for parents to see!
  • Once your list has been made, you can send out the ‘Letter to Parents’ we’ve created for you, telling them about the program.
  • Parents can buy the school supply kit you’ve created online and have it shipped to them all together in a convenient backpack.

This ensures that students will have all the supplies you want them to, plus parents can customize the kits further if they choose. There’s also a Teacher Supply Kit available from EasyList, which includes teacher-recommended teaching supplies! This kit can also be customized. Look for this new page coming soon on NationalSchoolSupply.com!

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